Hello there January ~ It is your time to show us no mercy for it is winter here in Canada. Where only the bravest souls survive the 6 months of cold, and snowy weather. If, you’re granted serenity from Mother Nature, she will never give you more than you can shovel… Yeah, Right!

Thank you for spending a few seconds with me here today, there’s more on the horizon for this afternoon….


12 thoughts on “I let my dreams wander ~ Sleep well my lovely as the morning will bring upon the rooftops lots of snow….

    1. vinnieh, bless you my dear friend for cheering me up and Thank you so much. I hope you had a lovely holiday and brought in the New Year with happiness. I’ve been away from my blog until just recently due to trying to grow my YouTube channel. Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll be catching up on your posts very soon.. Love your blog a lot.. Take care, Laura

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    1. Pete, in the summer time all of the memories of all of this snow melts away. I think the work that it takes to survive up here in the Winter makes me a stronger person in the long run.. I’d really couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.. Take care, Laura


  1. It might be interesting on your YouTube channel to interview your neighbors. Helen Yeti, Frosty Jackson, and Zenfro O’Laf. If you wish to (w)rap your video in some background music, might I suggest ice Cube? When push comes to shove(l), you can always hire some local hot shot to remove the snow. As for Mother Nature, she’s innocent. According to Gilda, it’s better to put the blame on Mame!

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    1. arlingwoman, we went into a deep freeze for today (Thurs.) so, I decided to stay inside and the little bit of snow on the driveway can stay there until tomorrow. The other day we had a little warm up and the rooftop snow started melting inside of the rain gutters leaving behind some massive Ice-cycles…

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