The Weary Traveler – Part Nine the Finale


Thank you to all that have followed along with my little short story.



9 thoughts on “#The Weary Traveler by: Laura Scott ~ Part Nine ~ The Finale

    1. David, Thanking you kindly for your comments. This little short story is in part truth and part Fiction.. It was actually a little venting session I had with myself after waiting over a month for a book to arrive from an internet provider of books, name will remain nameless.. The fault as it turned out was not of the provider but rather the supplier… in the end all worked out swimmingly….Thank you dear friend for following along.. Take care, Laura

      P.S. if you were to revisit the videos you would see the many hints I gave along the way… wink…

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  1. Now it is over, I can confess my thoughts during the last few weeks. I had two main ideas. One was that the traveller was an angel, going to help someone in need. Then I thought the traveller might be an organ, destined for transplant into a person, thus bringing new life. I never got anywhere near a book or study course , so it was a great twist, Laura. Well done!
    (And I forgot to say how much I liked the drawing again. The Customs post was very convincing indeed.)
    best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, I am so happy to hear what and who you thought the traveler was.. I worked as many hints into the story, but didn’t want to give it away until the very end. I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed this project of mine, and I must say as I continued from one part to another I grew more comfortable with the drawing programs on the computer.. I will continue to draw on the computer as this is now in my blood and I have a quest to fulfill. Perhaps, not short stories, but something different for the New Year.. Still, pondering over the in’s and out’s … Stay tuned my friend and I’m happy to now be able to have more time reading your daily posts regularly. I’ve missed them… except for Saturdays when I would catch up… Yesterday, I spent 13 hours finishing up the finale to the story and I am indeed a weary artist right now.. 20 centimeters of snow plus will begin to fall on top of us beginning this evening and into the entire weekend and following week.. Totals will be high I’m afraid and today I’ll rest up to be ready to tackle the frozen rain that is snow in the north….Take care, Laura


    1. paperbagcomplex, thank you for your kind comments. I have no idea what’s next along these lines, but the drawing bug has bitten me once again after all of these years.. So, there will certainly be something coming in the New Year… Take care, Laura

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