Is it just me or do you also find the New Reader Page hard to see? Now I know I have old eyes that are in dire need of a new pair of glasses, but really! Does our post need to be chopped up and put into a tiny banner like that? Just saying, I’m not a happy camper about these new changes that WordPress released recently…

Alright I’ve vented about that… We’re underneath a Polar Vortex right now and our temperatures are in the – 30’s Celsius heading to – 40 and colder. It is so cold right now you can throw a cup of hot coffee outside and it freezes before it nears the ground. Needless, to say I am not going outside, and stand guard watching for my pup when she’s out there in case I need to run and pick her up. It’s so cold she at times can’t walk to make it back inside.. I have my coat and winter boots on before I let her outside. Just in case!


Polar Vortex




17 thoughts on “The New Reader Page & A Polar Vortex

  1. Phew, that’s cold Laura. I can’t imagine how that must feel. We are having a warm spell right now. 13 degrees in the day, and only down to 9 degrees at night. My hedgehogs have come out of hibernation and all the winter flowering shrubs and I’m full bloom. I’m going to cut some branches tomorrow to bring indoors, incase it freezes again and kills all the flowers. It’s nice to have blossom branches on the Christmas table. All the best. Karen x

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  2. I’ll bet you can spit frozen bullets up there! The coldest temperatures I’ve ever experienced were around -26 to -28 C. I found that temperatures that cold actually hurt my lungs. Here in Las Vegas, the high today is 16.6 C, but we’ll occasionally dip to single-digit highs this winter, and drop below zero Celsius on the coldest nights (the palm trees don’t like that very much!).
    I haven’t even checked out the Reader feature on WordPress. I guess I should do that…
    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Weary Traveler, and hope you’re making good progress on it!

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    1. David, I think I just now (7 p.m.) finished the last illustration on the ending of my short story.. I’ve been drawing since 6 a.m. this morning and will be happy if the editing in the movie maker works well… Indeed, when it’s this cold it hurts to breath, and the sinuses hurt too.. So, stay tuned for tomorrows conclusion to my little ditty of a story… You’ll have to let me hear what you thought of it.. I would feel honored to receive input from you .. Take care my friend… Laura

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  3. I never understand why wordpress (or anyone else for that matter) feels the need to change things just for the sake of it. They should remember the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.
    Sorry to hear about that cold spell. I experienced similar temperatures before, but that was in Russia, We could only stay outside for around 45 minutes, and they had to remove the wipers on our coach, to stop them freezing solid overnight!
    Best wishes, Pete. (Now on +3 magniification for reading!!)

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      1. I complained on a forum when they changed the post editor, but they didn’t take much notice I’m afraid. 😦
        I rarely use the Reader anyway, as I have email notifications of all followed sites.

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  4. even if your eyes aren’t bad the new format is a jumbled mess of random sizes and such, plus they throw recommended blogs you don’t follow so now that adds to the mess. I can see a lot of people having trouble with this format.

    as for the weather that’s not good news to hear at all and we live in the same place so yikes

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    1. paperbagcomplex, thank you for your comments and letting me know that I don’t stand alone in this thinking about the changes to the Reader. I HATE it .. and I rarely say I hate anything.. But, this is just too much of a pain in the you know where…

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