I wanted to post this video out yesterday, but removing the snow wore me out.. Enjoy my little bit of snowy weather.. shoveling and snow-blowing




10 thoughts on “Christmas is 13 days away ~ Are you ready?

  1. It’s rare to see snow in the Las Vega Valley (when it does snow here, it usually makes national headline news!). However, back in Missouri, I used to shovel driveways every winter. I never had a snowblower. I remember shoveling snow and then, since the snow had not let up during my work, returning to the garage door and starting all over again! One time, as I was staying with my parents out in the country, we were snowed in by three feet of white stuff. We had to wait several days before the country road was plowed so that we could leave the property. In the meantime, we could use snowshoes to get around outdoors. I enjoyed your video. I had to use the CC function to read your voiced commentary, as my computer is no longer providing sound. I’m working on the problem…


    1. I was out there again today, early and have to go out again after the snow plow drives down the street. This year is ruff on me and I’ve only used the snow blower 6 times so far. I think it’s the shoveling of the steps and in front of the garage door that kills me.. So far, we received about 4 feet of snow, so the plows have been busy plowing the main streets and highways. Probably, by dinner time the measure will become higher and I’ll be out there early in the morning for a repeat of this morning.. Florida my stomping ground is sounding lovely to me at this moment.. But, I do love it up here.. I’m just aging out of pure total enjoyment in the winter…

      I finished Pope on the Dole yesterday, but was so tired from all the moving of snow to draft off an email to you .. Which I shall do….and will do a review on Amazon.. Total enjoyment I had reading your novel.. I’ll have to check out your other novels out there after the holidays are over and bills have been paid.. Thank you for your continued support for my son’s art and for my own blog here. Take care, Laura

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      1. Laura, I heard from Pete that you’d finished the book. I wrote a sci-fi book many years ago, but it’s a very difficult read. So I suggest you wait until my two detective novels are published. I’m thinking very seriously that I will publish them simultaneously in early 2018 rather than separately a year apart. The two volumes will be considerably longer, more sober, and more challenging than “Pope on the Dole.” However, I’m of the opinion that they’ll be engaging and reasonably entertaining. Of course, I look forward to your email, and also to reading your review of my religious satire.


  2. I think Arlene likes the snow because she doesn’t get any in the Philippines!
    I am so glad we don’t have any here so far. The constant clearing is back-breaking work indeed.
    Nice to see the video, Laura.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, Thank you for viewing the YouTube video. Yes, it sure is back breaking stuff, my shoulders are screaming out at me this morning and I have to clear the end of the driveway with the shovel, because the snow plow went by last evening and it’s sitting at -20 c right now and what’s on the drive is frozen solid.. My poor snow blower can’t throw chucks of ice. Oh my I’m already done with winter.. 5 more months of this in the New Year.


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