There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies.  What is it?

~Leave your answers in the comment box, if you think you know… ~

chicken-little 001


Stay tuned Sunday  for the answer….


20 thoughts on “Hello there Saturday ~ Riddle me this…December 10th 2016

      1. Well, vinnieh, you’re going to have to wait until the cows come home for an expert opinion from me.. wink… not an expert at anything, and like it that way.. I just ponder over things a little too long and become long winded in my thoughts… lol

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      2. I always get that sort of feeling about certain actors back then. Might explain why many worked together so much, they just hit it off and the results were something special. Some movies today could learn a thing or two from the classics.

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      3. Indeed, so… My grandfather when he was a police officer managed to get many times the detail of guarding the 1940’s Actors and Actresses on the sets in Hollywood.. Oh the stories he told… but, I do remember his saying that they all are down to earth men and women for the most part, excluding one female, which shall remain nameless…

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  1. I’ll always remember that old green house in the country. The family that lived there consisted of a married couple and a single child—namely, a five-year-old girl. Her name was Melanie Waters. Melanie’s father painted her bedroom white (“Snow White” was Melanie’s favorite story), and because the room’s one window had been blocked by the addition of a garage, he decided to paint windows on the wall, and little country scenes (with a dwarf or two peering out from behind a tree) in the “windows” so that his daughter would not feel so confined. He also painted a skylight on the ceiling, and added a puffy white cloud. Finally, he painted a few images on the walls—a table displaying a fruit basket, a pot belly stove, and even a sleeping sheepdog. In short, Melanie’s room was made to look like a cottage that she could call her own. Now, like all girls her age, Melanie liked to play with dolls. So her mother bought her a red doll house. In this red doll house, Melanie put all her plastic babies. They had to be small to fit inside—three or four inches. But she had plenty that were just the right size. Melanie grew up happy, and she now has a daughter of her own!

    Now, as for the riddle… What is the green house? Why, it’s a green house! But perhaps the answer you’re actually looking for lies in the girl’s name: Melanie Waters.

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