6 thoughts on “#The Weary Traveler by: Laura Scott ~ Part Eight ~ Every Friday

  1. Hard to believe that part nine will be the conclusion, as I still have a lot of unanswered questions floating around in my head. See you next week, Laura!
    (I liked the detail of the light coming through the door into the dark room.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, yes it’s coming to a speedy end next week, and I think you’ll be surprised by it. I can’t hardly wait to hear what you think after next Friday… I’m sitting here grinning… Thank you for you comments on the door, I too was very happy how smoothly the transition appeared in the video.. as you can see I’ve gotten better with the art and using the programs along with the Pen tablet. Thank you for following along with my short story… Stay tuned for next Friday’s conclusion…. Laura


  2. I noticed a witch’s hat is being worn by the weary traveler in the dark room. Also, the mention of a white shadow and “elders” is very curious. The other curious thing is that she has to be eligible for whatever awaits her in Canada. I’m wondering if maybe this young lady isn’t a witch-to-be who is going to undergo the rites of passage and earn her broomstick, so to speak. On the other hand, if this is the story of a young lady who is going to be inducted into the coven, wouldn’t there be 13 parts to this story? (Maybe she is just a normal girl dressed as a witch for Halloween, and my theory is all wet…)

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    1. lividemerald2013, I am laughing so hard that it’s difficult to even type this.. When you mentioned a witches hat, I had to say out loud, “What?” Wondering what on earth did I draw that resembled a hat… Then I remember the curve in the black chair next to the table and that is probably what you thought was a hat.. I think you’ll be surprised next week.. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.. Laura 🙂

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      1. Silly me! I even saw the hat’s brim! …I guess I’ll have to shelve my young witch theory. So I’m back to square one. Will there be more stories after this one wraps up?
        I also wish you a wonderful weekend, Laura. We hiked around a mountain yesterday, so we’re relaxing today. But this weekend, we’re sure to get out for another hike!

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      2. lividemerald2013, I’m still giggling for reasons when I went back to look at the chair it did indeed appear like a witches hat.. oh my goodness your weather must still be very nice there in Vegas. I spoke with my friend of many years who lives there, but she forgot to report the temps to me on our last conversation… It’s so cold here my hands are frozen around the clock now, it’ll be spring before they warm up. Strange because no matter how hot I get this house the hands won’t thaw until spring.. Getting older is for the birds as my gram use to say… I’m afraid that’s it for the short stories ~ The rest are novel length that I’d never think to do on here. I couldn’t keep up with the illustrations. I was however thinking of writing another short story along the same lines with a twist.. But, not sure as of yet. Thank you so much for your comments and support. This means the world to me, and I’ve enjoyed the conversation back and fourth.. Take care, Laura

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