The boats have all gone home for a long winters docking, no longer having the lakes water lapping up the sides of the hull. Silence surrounds me as I stand by the waters edge taking in the beauty of such an open space. Having a Peaceful Sunday with joy in my heart….





10 thoughts on “Having a Peaceful Sunday ~ December 4th 2015

  1. I did some desert hiking today. The trailhead was in the northwestern part of the Las Vegas Valley, at the extreme edge of town. The trail took me behind a mountain to a peaceful canyon. Perched on some rocks, I watched the sun sink behind the arid peaks.

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    1. Koko, my dear sweet lady where have you been all this time. You’ve been missed by me…. Indeed, yesterday was glorious and I just had to partake in its beauty before we received the snow storm overnight.. Ready to tackle the snow outside after my last sip of coffee… Take care, and come back often… hugs from me to you


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