Recap: If a chicken says, “All chickens are liars.” Is the chicken telling the truth?






6 thoughts on “Hello there Thursday ~ Answer to Riddle…December 1st 2016

  1. I once had a rooster named Cogburn. Yes, he had a patch over one eye, and, yes, I fed him grits. True, grits weren’t always his food of choice, because he liked to vary his diet, but that’s what he ate mostly. I asked him once if he could talk, and he said, “Four hours and seven minutes ago, my hens brought forth in this hen house some new eggs, conceived in the early morning hours, and dedicated to the proposition that all men should have a good breakfast.” I begged him to stop his eloquent address right there, and then asked him about the hens. “No, they don’t talk. But they’re cute, aren’t they? I have my eye on that clucky one over there!” He obviously was referring to the eye with no patch….

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  2. ah, one of those ones where you have the right answer but you say”it’s a riddle though it can’t be that easy, it must be a trick” but the trick was that you thought it was a trick .

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