If a chicken says, “All chickens are liars.” Is the chicken telling the truth?

~Leave your answers in the comment box, if you think you know… ~

chicken-little 001


Stay tuned Thursday  for the answer….


7 thoughts on “Hello there Wednesday ~ Riddle me this…November 30th 2016

  1. I had to peck around the logic center of my brain for the answer to this one. If this chicken were telling the truth—namely, that ALL chickens are liars—then he’d be the one chicken who isn’t lying! That would be a contradiction, so he must be lying, which means that some chickens are not liars. And that means that although some chickens do tell the truth, this particular chicken is not one of them! I’d be lying if I said it was easy to figure out,. But let’s be honest. Chickens sit more than they lie. That’s how we get eggs for breakfast… This riddle succeeded in scrambling my brain cells, but now, in order to get sweet revenge, I’m going to have me some some scrambled eggs!

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