The Weary Traveler ~ Part Six



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6 thoughts on “#The Weary Traveler by: Laura Scott ~ Part Six ~ Every Friday

  1. Back in January 2010, we drove through Arkansas, crossing the Missouri border north of Harrison, and entering Texas at Texarkana. The north-south part of our trip was by way of scenic Hwy 7, which passes through such world famous places as Booger Hollow before sliding into Hot Springs, where we spent a warm night in a motel. As we approached the Lone Star state on I-30, we took the exit at a town known locally for a couple of home boys, Bill Clinton (“Bubba”) and Mike Huckabee. (I can only Hope you know the name of this town, as I can’t remember it…) In Texarkana (Texas side), we stopped for lunch. I’ll never forget that giant “fully loaded” baked potato! We didn’t pass through Richmond during our trip. However, we did turn west at Houston (after dipping south to visit the Houston Space Center), so we were in the Richmond neighborhood. Our next destination was San Antonio (I’m related to Alamo defender, Thomas R Miller). After that, we continued west-northwest on I-10, exiting the interstate just shy of El Paso to shoot up into New Mexico (Carlsbad Caverns; the International UFO Museum at Roswell). And, yes, we stopped in Pecos along the way. This trip didn’t represent my first visit to Texas (I’d previously been to San Antonio, and also to El Paso, Amarillo, Waco, and Galveston), but it was the most memorable (and the longest in terms of miles driven). All of this to say that I’m quite interested in the Texas leg of your weary traveler’s journey!

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    1. lividemerald2013, Indeed when you enter into Texas you feel as if you’ll never see the next state line. But, as I’ve been there many times, even once hitchhiking through the Lone Star State back in the early 70’s .. Oh my there’s a story there for sure… Thank you for your comments and your sharing with me of your own personal travels… Buckle up your seat belts for the next part on Friday, December 2nd… Take care and have a wonderful weekend….

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