I go all around the world, but I stay in a corner…  Who am I?

~Leave your answers in the comment box, if you think you know… ~

chicken-little 001


Stay tuned  Thursday  for the answer….


7 thoughts on “Hello there Wednesday ~ Riddle me this…November 23 2016

    1. Pete, I’ll accept your confessions any time my friend….wink… I was so worn out after two days of shoveling snow here I just went ahead and set up this little riddle ahead of time as I knew I’d probably find it difficult to rise out of bed early like I usually do this morning… I was correct and I stayed there much longer than I normally do … Which can be bad too, not getting up when the body wants to.. Oh my it’s fun getting older, eh? Who ever said these are the golden years was either nuts or drunk…. wink.. Take care, my dear friend and have a wonderful day there in beetley… Laura

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  1. a world traveling businessman who has an obsessive compulsive need to to stay in the corner of hotels, eat in the corner booth of restaurants, work in corner offices, and tends to hang out on street corners. His name is Phil Dorrchester and he really should seek professional help.

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