10 thoughts on “Hello there Tuesday ~ Answer to Riddle…November 22nd 2016

      1. Rather you than me with that snow I’m afraid, Laura. I can’t stand the stuff, as you know..
        (Don’t know why they are not notifying me of these new clips, as I am a follower on You Tube. I will investigate!)
        Best wishes, Pete.

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      2. Pete, I think YouTube is changing somethings on their site, as I too have been having problems with notifications of my gardening friends… I’m glad I put into here for you to see. I too would rather live in Florida during Canadian Winters, joining the snow birds migrate south.. I can remember when I lived there over 30 plus years ago, seeing all of the Canadians coming for the 6 months of winter, and we’d all say here are those crazy canucks again… Now, I’m a transplanted American living up here, but I do love firing up my big red snowblower and showing the snow who’s da boss… wink.. Take care, Laura


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