How do you double your money in the easiest and fastest way?

~Leave your answers in the comment box, if you think you know…

chicken-little 001

Stay tuned Sunday for the answer…




12 thoughts on “Hello there Saturday ~ Riddle me this…November 19th 2016

  1. I thought this riddle would be an easy one, but it wasn’t! I tried holding $5 bills in front of a mirror, and my reflection kept taking them away! So I thought about using a photocopying machine. That didn’t work, either. Lincoln kept closing his eyes—I think the flash of light was too strong for him! I decided to split a bill in half, but my scissors broke as I tried to cut through the marble stairs of the Lincoln Memorial. I then realized that I could possibly recoup my losses by sending a $5 bill off to North Korea—perhaps Kim Jong-un would agree to print me me up a batch of identical bills. Unfortunately, I was informed that the presses there don’t bother with small denominations. I was about to throw in the towel when it occurred to me that I could simply pray for help. Full of hope, I drove to the nearest church, fell to my knees, and implored Saint Genevieve, my patron saint, to grant me a favor by consulting with the Almighty—perhaps He would have pity on me? She asked me if I meant the Almighty Dollar, and I said, “No! I’m in a church, aren’t I?” Saint Genevieve wasn’t so sure that actually made a difference, but she nonetheless agreed to act in my behalf. However, she requested that, as a show of faith, I first offer the church a tithe. I asked her if she had change for a $5 bill, and she said no. So that did it! I broke out in tears, and returned home with one last bill in my wallet…. So, Laura, I’ve given up on this riddle. And, by the way, it robbed me of $55. Now I need to pay my internet bill. Can you please send me a check?

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    1. lividemerald2013, I must continue to post these riddles if only to have you make comments on each of them. You’ve outdone yourself with this one I must say. It’s amazing how a simple riddle can transform into a short story .. Love this .. Thanking you kindly for sharing your witty mind and offer me a tidbit of your genius… Have a peaceful weekend and take care, Laura

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    1. paperbagcomplex, loved this funny answer to the riddle.. Indeed, this little goat is as cute as a button… hum… where did that saying come from, “cute as a button” I really don’t find buttons cute.. Something to ponder over.. wink..
      Take care

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