The Weary Traveler ~ Part Five



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8 thoughts on “#The Weary Traveler by: Laura Scott ~ Part Five ~ Every Friday

  1. I watched this in ‘fullscreen’ mode, Laura, and was able to appreciate the details once again. The shopping carts, the details in the school classroom, all rendered very well. As the story develops, I am beginning to wonder why the girl is always left in the van, and why the driver gives her nothing to eat on a long journey.
    I have my theories and suspicions developing nicely…
    Looking forward to next weeks episode!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, Thank you for watching the YouTube Video of The Weary Traveler.. Indeed in full screen you can see the many areas more clearly than here on WordPress. I think this is how I will present this in the future.. Full Screen is definitely best… for my eyes too… Take care, and thank you for your endless support of my little blog.. I wonder, however what are your suspicions … intriguing… Take care, Laura


  2. Laura, I had the great pleasure of attending an Elvis Presley concert in Kemper Arena (Kansas City, MO) back in either 1976 or 1977. The arena is shaped like a racetrack oval, and Elvis performed from a stage built at one of the far ends, allowing everyone to see his face except those sitting directly behind him. As it turned out, that’s exactly where I was seated—so, naturally, I was afraid Elvis would sing the whole time with his back to me. My assigned seat was near ground level, so I was quite close. But what good would that be? Fortunately, Elvis was aware that a handful of fans were seated behind him, and so, throughout the concert, he would turn around for a while and sing to us as well! We also frequently saw him in profile, as he would sing to his left or to his right. In the end, it was a very memorable occasion. And, by the way, he wore his signature white outfit, threw out sweat towels, and looked great! As a footnote, I was on an international flight soon thereafter (a vacation trip to Switzerland) when I heard the sad news that Elvis had died. Needless to say, it was a shock.

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    1. lividemerald2013, what beautiful memories you have of Elvis.. I remember the moment the news of his death came on the radio. I was sitting in business school and they let us all go home shortly after. It was a total shock for me as well. But, I still play his music and watch the old movies that he was in. For this fact I needed to add him into my little short story and I hope the illustration of him does him justice. I worked for a long time on that one, trying to get it just right… Have a great evening and take care.. Laura

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    1. Newzo, Thank you so much my dear young friend.. Have you been following along since part One? I’m glad you’re finding my little short story interesting and keep a look out for Part 6 next Friday.. Take care and have a wonderful weekend… Laura


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