I can run but I can’t walk, a mouth but I can’t talk, a head but I can’t think, a bed but I can’t sleep.  Who am I?

~Leave your answers in the comment box, if you think you know…

chicken-little 001

Stay tuned Thursday for the answer…



20 thoughts on “Hello there Wednesday ~ Riddle me this…November 16th 2016

  1. If rivers have beds, how come when we used to canoe the Buffalo River in northern Arkansas, or the North Fork in Missouri, we had to bring along our own tents, sleeping bags, foam pads, and pillows? Since rivers don’t sleep, shouldn’t those beds have been available to canoeists? This is an outrage! And please don’t respond with something like, “Cry me a river!” I hereby demand that Old Man River, who must be pretty darn weary by now, finally call it a day and put this riddle to bed once and for all! (River R̶a̶n̶t̶ Rat)

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