My heart and many Thanks go out to all of the brave men and women of the military.






5 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. We have just returned from serving hot drinks, lunch, and cakes to those who marched in the local town parade. Every year since we moved to Norfolk, Julie has organised this, at the local branch of her bank. Bank Staff buy all the provisions, make the cakes, and serve the veterans. It is always very well-received.
    Best wishes, Pete,

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    1. Pete, What a lovely heartwarming action to prepare for all of the Veterans. I’m so happy to hear that the staff at Julie’s bank joined together for such a wonderful cause.. Where would any of us be without the brave veterans… Take care and have a most relaxing weekend.. Laura


  2. Too many people take veterans for granted. Back when I was a semi-homeless person in Paris (Jan. 1994-May 1995), I used to visit the American Cemetery in Suresnes (a suburb west of Paris). I even had the opportunity, though I’ve never served in the military, to help lower and fold the flag. It was quite an honor!

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    1. lividemerald2013, Thank you so much for your comments and sharing a part of your history. I love connecting with folks and today is a day to give many thanks for all that we have because of the many men and women who serve in the military.. I have a long list of family members who served in the military, grandfather,father,2 brothers,husband,Father in Law, the list could go on and on… Take care my new friend… Stay cool there in Vegas.. My girlfriend says it’s still in the 80’s and she is running her air continually… Oh my I’m under blankets and wearing two pairs of sweat pants.. Inside…

      Take care, Laura

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      1. It’s actually in the 70’s here. The weather is perfect right now. October and November are great months to get out and hike. We will be doing just that this afternoon! I have great respect for those who serve in the military, and am very impressed by your family’s devotion to flag and country!

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