A cowboy rode into town on Friday, stayed three days, and rode out again on Friday… How did he do that?

~Leave your answers in the comment box, if you think you know…

chicken-little 001

Stay tuned Tuesday for the answer…




21 thoughts on “Hello there Monday ~ Riddle me this ~ November 7th 2016

  1. That cowboy is a horse thief. He stole my horse, attached to the hitching post out front, while I was in the saloon having a whisky and playing poker with the cowpokes from Abilene. Three days later, he returned “Friday” and left me a note: “I had a riddle business in Rubbock, Texas. So I had to rasso me a horse!” Problem is, he lied. That wasn’t my horse! It was an old nag with one hoof in the glue factory! I’d give you more details, but I’m loading up my six shooter….

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      1. Pete, Thank you so much for the link and I’ll head over there straight away.. I thought so… wink… Love his comments for my riddles.. I have a feeling you sent him over to take a peek at my blog.. Either way, I’m very grateful my good friend as his comments are very entertaining like yours are as well.. My days would not be complete without our little comments back and fourth.. I must add that your friendship has helped me greatly during my time coping with my sisters death.. We probably will never meet, but words between friends are just as sweet… hugs and many thanks from a southern gal living in Canada.. oh and it’s suppose to snow again on this coming Friday just in time for another part of my story… Laura


      2. Thank you, Laura. You’re very kind. I read on my blog that you wish to read my religious satire, and I see that Pete has steered you towards the link to my book. Pete can provide you with my email address, should you wish to make a comment or pose a question. I’ll let him know, in case he doesn’t see my authorization here. I didn’t reply to your note on my blog because the cascade of comment and reply blocks came to an end. So I’m thanking you here!
        I enjoy your riddles, and am following your “Weary Traveler” blog entries.
        I gather you live in Canada. I’ve always wanted to visit the country “up north,” and maybe someday I’ll have that opportunity. In the meantime, I continue to hang out in the Mojave Desert…. .

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      3. lividemerald2013, Thanking you kindly for your response. Yes, our dear friend Pete is a wonderful and helpful man. I am honored that you’re following along with my little short story.. I must admit it’s just a little ditty so to speak.. The twist later will explain that story… Your book was ordered last night and I love the witty story line in the write up. Yes, I’m a transplanted American born in Calif, raised in the southern states then moved North over 30 yrs ago after marrying a Canadian Air Force gentleman… I do love it up here and after all it’s where both of my children were born, so I stayed after he passed away at the tender age of 46 and called this beautiful country home. Have a wonderful Tuesday and rest of the week.. Oh my we are all watching the polls today.. oh my ……

        Take care, Laura

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    1. oh good Lord I hope I’m not running because if I were, it would be to run away from a big black bear.. They are all out and about filling up for their long winters nap… nothing like your morning coffee watching a big old black bear in the trees just beyond my fence line.. must protect my pup… go to the mattresses time… wink…..


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