Fall is not even over, yet today we experienced our first snowfall of the season… Now, where are my gloves?




4 thoughts on “Our First Snow of the Season ~ October 27th 2016

    1. Good Afternoon, Pete… Yes, I’ve found my plastic bag of winter hats and gloves in the front closet and noticed a few Christmas decorations stored there too.. It’s beginning to look like Winter… But, I have my snowblower all tuned up with a fresh new pull rope.. I’m ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us here.. Now I need to get busy with the plastic coverings for the windows… Take care and thank you for your comments.. Laura


  1. Well, it’s still nice and warm here in Southern Nevada, where the daily temps are in the 70-80 F range. Today, we went to Lake Las Vegas, and watched a man flyboard above the lake. Somehow, he controlled the Ski-Doo below him as he went up over 40 feet into the air, propelled by two jets of water, and did loops, twists and turns, and dives that actually had him disappearing below the water’s surface, only to reemerge and once again shoot skyward…. It rarely snows in Las Vegas, and when it does, it’s usually on the western edge of town, and quickly melts. I’ve only seen two good snows in 21 years here. Of course, in the wintertime, up on Mt. Charleston, less than an hour’s drive away, one can traipse around in the snow. There’s even a ski slope up there!

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    1. lividemerald2013, I have a good friend of over 30 years who lives in Las Vegas as well. She tells me weekly of her hot temperatures as I shovel the white stuff here in Canada. She loves it there, but she said she’d love to move where it is cooler in the summertime. Her husband on the other hand loves the heat of Las Vegas.. That man fly-boarding must have been a wonderful, exciting site to see. Thanking you kindly for sharing with me and leaving a lovely comment.. Take care, Laura

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