Re-cap: ~ Why is a raven like a writing desk?



Edgar Allen Poe

Wrote on both of them…


line break image - 012

line break image - 023



6 thoughts on “Hello there Tuesday ~ Answer to the Riddle ~

    1. Indeed, you see I did mention you’d be a little surprised.. I was just trying to get folks to interact with me by giving answers, I didn’t mind at all if they have to google for an answer.. it’s all just meant to be fun interacting with each other.. I still get so few comments on any of my posts I thought this way might be fun.. Thank you as always my dear friend for your support of my little blog… I have begun a little short story over on YouTube, ranging from 2 to 3 minutes parts until it’s completed with my story and my own illustrations for said story.. check that out if you have time.. Here’s Wilson the coconut announcing the beginning of my little project for the wintertime… Enjoy.. it’s funny…


    1. Pete, I know eh.. I found this on the inter-webs the other day and just had to put it out there… My son too was thinking along the same lines as you were. You see you should have posted a comment with your guess.. These riddles are not your normal run of the mill riddles.. So, please even if you know the answer or even google them~ play along and post a comment.. As I am trying to interact with the good folks on here and trying to get them to leave comments as most times it’s only you that leave anything for me in the way of comments.. I am so grateful for you as a loyal friend here on word press or else I might have never returned to try again with this blog.. So, your gracious acts of kindness toward me has made me a very happy gal.. Because, I do love to write the posts, but sometimes it gets a bit daunting at times … Take care my friend across the pond, Laura


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