I’ve been working on a Pen tablet, shown below. I wanted to try my hand at illustrating a short story I’ve written. The journey began with playing around on the Pen Tablet and wound up drawing a sort of monster which I ran a naming contest with prizes to be won.

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The winner was a sweet young lady who gave my monster the name, ” Burger King.”

So, I brought in my finished picture to Sketch Book Pro and gave him a whopper hamburger to hold and of course the golden crown. I took the file into a printing shop and had a few prints made and sent to her a copy for her room. She was so excited to have been chosen in the draw that I just had to give to this winner a little bit extra. It makes me so happy to bring smiles to others and my goal is to never fail in this quest of mine. I take it very seriously and let life guide me to where I need to deliver the blue bird of happiness…

So, without further adieu here is Part One with my own illustrations done with the Pen Tablet in the program called, SketchBook Pro. I hope you enjoy the short story and the illustrations as much as I have creating them. I will release each part of the story, The Weary Traveler every Friday! So, stay tuned and I know you’ll be glad you did….


The Weary Traveler

Part One

by: Laura Scott

Illustrations by: Laura Scott


I was born on January 1, 2007 into an already crowded family of many. The exact number is unimportant at this time. In a few short months I will celebrate my 8th birthday, but already I’m feeling twice my age.

Since, my conception I’ve never left my home of Independence, Kentucky. But, my days were numbered living in the quaint city of Independence.


I am about to begin an adventure traveling clear across this country of ours to reside in another country far away from the only family I knew. The hardships that would haunt me during my travels were unknown to me in the beginning, but became clear to me after leaving the city of my conception, where I always felt safe and sound after hearing our local fire trucks speeding down the road with the sirens blazing to rescue someone or save a building in dire need of help.


To be continued next Friday, so stay tuned for Part Two….




2 thoughts on “#The Weary Traveler by: Laura Scott ~ Part One ~ Every Friday

  1. Nice to hear you reading as well as being able to read myself, and to look at the illustrations. I like the way you have kept the same scale and perspective in each image. This looks like it could well become a very nice illustrated book/graphic novel in the future! I will be back next week for part 2! (If not before…)
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Pete, thank you so much for your kind comments for Part One.. This was the beginning to really getting use to using the Pen tablet on a larger scale. I did however get better as time moves forward and if I ever pondered over getting this short story published I’d have to re-work the first part.. But, you’ll see my improvements with the following parts on Fridays.. Take care, Laura


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