Apple, Cinnamon, Coconut Coffee Cake ~ Fall gives us a bounty harvest of fresh red apples and nothings better than to make a coffee cake with the richness of sour cream, cinnamon and sweet coconut.


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2 thoughts on “It’s What’s for Dessert ~ October 20th 2016

    1. Pete, that’s sad to hear that you must exclude cinnamon from your diet. I hope my ulcers never tire of this ingredient as I love it so much.. I’ve already had to give up beef, and fish due to Gout in my feet and I’ve never been a drinker at all.. Not fair in the least as this effects people who have drank a lot throughout their lifetime.. Just not fair.. But, excluding those two things keeps the Gout away, so I must stick to it.. Even though a nice big juicy steak calls my name from time to time… All I can do is say, “Oh my…”

      Take care dear friend across the pond.. I’ve been working on my short story with the illustrations drawn by me and it will begin its release this coming Friday (October 21st) Let me know what you think about it.. Oh and my skills with the following illustrations did get better as I grew comfortable with the Pen Tablet.. I’ll have to catch up on your posts…



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