Back in the 1970’s I had a Transistor Radio made by Westinghouse. It came with a black leather case and a single ear bud for listening in private. I can remember putting the little radio underneath my pillow and listening to the latest tunes being played, while falling asleep.


These were wonderful days growing up listening to the rock bands and watching them flip their long hair while playing the instruments at a concert. I was born into a Mexican heritage and loved listening to Santana play. It was magical listening to the cords that would flow from their fingers off the strings of the guitar. You’d be almost transported on the same high musically that they were on at the time. I still call them my favorite to this day.

I often pondered over about my little silver transistor radio from time to time, until a certain day wondering what was inside this little magical box that brought all of the great songs of the seventies, got the better of me. I remove the back cover, placing the tiny screws on a saucer to get a look inside at the complex, yet simple world of electronics. That day was the beginning of something I would carry with me through out my lifetime, but I would not know this until much later in life.

How many of us just turn on a light switch or use a phone without any thought to how all of this is possible? Do we ask a simple question, “How does this work?”

Or, do we just walk into the room and not care how the electricity works when flipping up the little switch lighting up the room we’re in. I suppose I ponder way too much and for too long on certain everyday things in my life. But, it fuels me to understand, and ask the simple questions to find enlightenment. Some folks might roll their eyes and wonder why I ask such ridiculous questions.  I’ve also done this in situations with friends, family and acquaintances and this is where understanding my journey that day with the transistor radio comes into light.

If, someones not feeling up to par I can always see it, either from their speech patterns, or simply by the way their eyes gaze off as if I’m not there. Body language is I feel words left unspoken, but they speak very loudly if you’re open to hearing them through your eyes…

These things I ponder about has brought me to a calmer state in my life. By, not getting so stressed over the little things like a friend acting strangely, which might leave me wondering if I upset them in any way.. So, take delight in the simple things and the bigger things in life might not go undetected by our eyes.

We can never see or hear all, but we can get glimpses that we would never want to miss out on. I try each day to see the world as if I were a child, because through the eyes of children everything is so new to them. It’s a Magical Experience like opening up that transistor radio back in the seventies…




4 thoughts on “~ Pondering over my old Westinghouse Transistor Radio ~

    1. This is so true, Pete… I was on a roll with this thought process, until I got side railed by life these past few days.. Today outside was a lovely 21c. and that is so not normal for this time of year. The poor trees with their beautiful changing leaves are as confused as I am. They don’t know when to drop them and give me more work in the yard… Usually takes me three outings to get all the leaves up and put into place for the winter.. Today would have been my grandfathers birthday so I’m a little in the memories this lovely Sunday….He always wanted to visit Canada to see the wonderful trees, and dip a fishing line into her lakes.. So, I feel blessed to be living up here for this long and sort of feel I’ve fulfilled his dream… Take care dear friend, you’ve been missed around WordPress…



  1. It is certainly a worthy goal, to approach life this way. I find that it’s difficult to do on a continuing basis, however. I’d like to try harder! By the way, I still have my old clock radio on a shelf in my closet that woke me up each morning for high school in the late 60s and 1970. I also went to sleep listening. I only wish that I still had my first transistor radio; it was blue with a brown, leatherette cover…

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    1. Becky Ross Michael, Thanking you kindly for your wonderful comments and sharing with me your memories about high school days and your old clock. Do you remember Forrest Gump? When he said, “Life is like a box of Chocolates.” Well, that simple line struck me right between the eyes while watching that film. It’s so true that our life contains many different choices and I believe in my own simple ways, that it is indeed a choice if taken wisely. Not to say it is an easy one at times, but being consistent is the key so far for me. Take care my dear, Laura

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