I bought a turkey for this Thanksgiving dinner and the bird happily thawed in the refrigerator for days, until Thanksgiving morning.

thawing turkey.jpg

I joyfully dug out my special turkey pan to hold my glorious bird that would in 4  to 5 hours offer my family with a tasty meal for this Thanksgiving holiday.

I excitedly cut away at the plastic wrapping that tightly surrounded the thawed out turkey with a soulful grimace upon my face…Not looking forward to cramming my hand into the birds butt to remove the awful bag of giblets…


To my horror I witnessed a terrible sight!

I had bought a One Legged Turkey!


I sadly crammed my hand into the hollow of the turkey butt to pull out the awful bag containing the giblets for which to make a honorable gravy to lightly pour over the hand mashed potatoes…


My face began to frown even more after finding that the bag was missing!

Now the only thing left to do was to take three pieces of paper for my family including myself…

Because, we had to draw for the Thanksgiving Turkey Leg!


Since, there was only one Turkey Leg…





6 thoughts on “A Turkey with only one leg…Beware of this tale….

    1. Annie, it was a shock opening it up to find a one legged turkey and nothing to jazz up my gravy with, but it was a utility turkey … and sometimes that is to be expected.. I use to wonder where the grocery store found the single turkey legs to display in the meat section now I know.. Actually, it’s really funny because my one legged turkey cost around 11 dollars and the grocery store was selling the 1 Turkey leg for 15 dollars.. where is the sense in that I ask ya.. LOL.. It’s going to be fabulous and a great story for my children to tell to their kids one day.. I’ve been dancing around the kitchen cooking and singing eleven dollar turkey, eleven dollar turkey.. etc.. Hugs from Laura

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    1. arlingwoman, I know what you mean.. At first I was saying, “What? How on earth? But, then I began giggling over the pure silliness of the one legged turkey.. I thought I was getting a good deal at the store with my 11 dollar turkey, utility bird.. Now, I understand why they sell them at such a good price.. Up here Turkeys are usually over 40 dollars for the size of my utility…so, I made the best out of a strange situation and a game of drawing out of a hat to boot… Take care and thank you for your comments.. Have a wonderful week… Laura

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