It’s that time of year again…Where the gardens are all harvested and the process of readying them for a long winters siesta.  So, without further adeau I present to you my loyal friends a short little video of the process I went through yesterday, which took 3 takes of the movie to get it right…


old woman for Laura cookbook

line break image - 018


Until next time



4 thoughts on “Canning Salsa ~ From my Homegrown Tomatoes in the Permaculture Beds…

    1. Pete, I think when ever I’m really tired I tend to bring back full steam ahead with my natural accent. Even, though I try to tame it for the most part ~ Some days it just has to escape… Thank you for your visit and for taking a very moments for my little video.. I’m working on a video about maintaining a snowblower .. So, stay tuned…

      Take care, Laura


  1. Beautiful! I always loved seeing those jars lined up in my pantry filled with harvest from the garden. Alas, I no longer can tomatoes and have switched to freezing them. Enjoy your salsa!

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