I walked outside yesterday morning just at 7:16 to watch another sunrise, but what I didn’t know at first was something magical was happening just behind me to the West.. Take a little look into what I experienced and have a most wonderful day today..

Thanking you all kindly for your support of my Word Press Blog, and of my YouTube Channel

without all of you I might as well just sit and grow old… You keep me young!


Until next time


15 thoughts on “Rainbows ~ Care Bear Stare ~

  1. This is the sort of delight that only Nature can provide. It makes us realise our insignificance perhaps, but also gives us a reason to celebrate being alive to see it.
    Thanks for allowing us to see it too, Laura.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes, yes you completely understand me… we are but specks for a short time… Time to live, love and be happy and content with life.. The time is now…. Thank you my dear friend for your comments.. Take care and have a magical day too… Laura


      1. When we were in Panama’s mountains, we once saw a huge, wide swath of rainbow – made it look like half the sky was rainbow. Apparently the humidity and air patterns of the area caused this “wind bow”.

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    1. Newzo, it’s such a beautiful way to begin ones day.. It’s a must for me everyday.. Well, until the cold and the snow arrives.. I watch from my window then.. Take care, and thank you for visiting my son’s blog..

      Laura 🙂


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