Massive trunk proclaims.

The birth of colors dancing.

Divulging its fate.


sign for Haiku - 001

line break image - 030


Until next time



6 thoughts on “~Unrestrained~

    1. Pete, thanking you kindly.. This picture was taken up at the cemetery where I visit my departed husband on a regular basis.. The Fall colors are brilliant up there on the hill where the temperatures are colder since the elevation is so much higher. Take care, Laura


    1. arlingwoman, I wish that I could tell you what type of tree this was that I use in my Haiku. It’s one of the lovely trees up at the cemetery where I go to visit my husband. In the Fall many colors up there on the hill are just ablaze with color. This was an old tree standing very tall, and I stood underneath its branches to get the picture looking up into the tree. The morning light was just right for the Fall leaves to look ablaze. Thank you so very much for commenting on this beautiful tree. I must try and research it to find out what type it is.. Yes, I’d say it glows too and felt magical while I was standing underneath its massive limbs.. Take care, Laura

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