Today was such a nice warm day, but not too hot at all. So, I decided the lawn could use a little mowing with my electric lawnmower. I must say that I love not having to pull on a cord to fire up the mower, or need gas and oil to keep it running.

But, I got side tracked very quickly by the sad state of my storage shed. I noticed I had plastic buckets in there from years ago, piled up almost to the top along with my shovels and spading fork. So, what’s a gal to do? She proceeds to yank out the mower and get down and dirty cleaning out the storage shed. I thought about taking a before and after picture for this post, but no way was anyone else seeing the sad state of affairs it was in.

I mowed the lawn and sat down afterward on the birch stump to rest and look at my permaculture bed for a spell…In need of a cool drink of water I went indoors to fetch my water bottle (The bottle from Hell I call it…) and returned with my camera in tow as well. I clicked a few pictures and returned the camera to the house before continuing.

With everything garden put away in my now newly cleaned storage shed (It’s Rubbermaid and I love it) This shed came with the house I bought in Ohio back in 1999, and it came back with me in February of 2000. Long personal story I’ll not go into….

I went back inside to check out the pictures just in case I needed to make do overs on some. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I noticed one of the carrots in the ground looking odd. Upon, inspection with the zoom in tool in Photo Shop I noticed a small blackish snail just eating away as if there were no tomorrow. Below is a picture of said bandit…


So, I grabbed my little wicker basket and some gloves to pull out a few carrots and find the snail a new home far from the permaculture bed. Hum…Upon returning the snail had gone or at least I couldn’t see it without a zoom of the camera.. It just all looked like dirt and veggies in there….

I harvested a few carrots and looked at my cherry tomato plants growing in the bed. They have not been affected at all by the drought, massive rains we’ve been getting for two weeks, or the cool down at night into the single digits. I’m amazed at how well this permaculture bed has preformed this year.


The bed retained enough water during the drought to keep everything growing happily. With the down-pouring of rain as of late it drains off beautifully. The nights have been also getting very cold and the mornings too, but this magical permaculture bed appears to retain the heat from the day to protect the plants roots and stems.


The warm temps at this time of year is unusual for us here in Northern Ontario, Canada and I’ve never had my tomato plants to last this long into the season with Fall announcing its self today September 22nd…


I suppose I’ve finally found out how to garden in this climate, and the good thing about the permaculture beds is that they will last 20 years. They are a bit of work in the beginning, but the rewards are so much greater than a day or two of sweating putting it all together, Lasagna Style ~ Layering components…

So, with my carrots in the little basket, I moved on to the other permaculture bed where I have two type of Swiss Chard growing and Green onions.


I picked some of the Swiss Chard and two huge green onions and went back to the upper level of the deck where the scarlet runner beans climbed like good little beans all the way up to the top railing. (I placed string from the bottom to the top railing hoping to train them up so harvesting would be a breeze..) I harvested a lot of runner beans and placed them into the basket feeling all was well with my day today. I just wish the rest of the world could be at peace too.

I could see Au Gratin in my future, with one sweet potato, a few small white potatoes, Swiss Chard, Green Onions, Cheddar cheese, all layered into a casserole dish. It’s baking right now and it smells amazingly good. I can’t wait for dinner tonight, along with steamed beans and carrots. Life is good, and I am worn out so I bid you all adieu…



Until next time



8 thoughts on “There’s a Snail enjoying my Carrots…

  1. I like the sound of that dinner, Laura, and can almost smell it baking from here!
    Hopefully, such a tiny snail won’t have done too much damage.
    The weather has turned sunny and warm again here. What we call an ‘Indian Summer’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, oh my heavens the dinner last night was so good. I’ve never combined sweet potatoes with white potatoes before, along with the Swiss Chard.. Mercy it was so good. We had our Indian Summer two weeks ago when the temps rose back up to +30’s. I also harvest most of the cherry tomatoes from the permaculture bed and with that two more weeks of warm temps I have lots more growing…It appears the snail didn’t do too much damage to the surrounding carrots, but I harvested them just the same and moved a few to the other bed.. no snails in there yet… Have a love evening, Take care … Laura


  2. It seems you are “Expert Gardiner, Extraordinaire.” Congratulation on your many gardening successes and especially with you permaculture beds. Are weeds an issue at all? Did you relocate the snail? Best and enjoy your bountiful harvest. Keep warm especially your hands. Bye for now…


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    1. Jim… Thank you so much for your kind words.. Actually, all summer I only needed to pull 2 weeds out of the beds. That is amazing in itself. No I was unable to find that little snail on my return to the bed. He was probably there but I couldn’t see the wee snail…But, I’m sure it’s enjoying the carrots. Take care, Laura


  3. That dinner sounds wonderful (apart from the onions, which disagree with me). I so like baked vegetables with cheese.

    Good to hear the late summer is of benefit. I harvested my carrots at the weekend. They were all different sizes, but I wasn’t going to leave them any longer because the slugs had found them – and rather larger ones than your sweet little snail!

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    1. Hello dear lady, yes that actually was a cute little snail compared to the slugs I’ve found eating away at my lettuce a while back. They often clip off the tops of the radishes too.. So, I planted a few on the deck in my Garden Trug…Oh my the potato au gratin was so delish…Take care, Laura


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