I planted one sweet potato in a container one-hundred and twelve days ago. From research they should have been withering up and turning very yellow on the leaves (vines) after one hundred days. So, I eagerly awaited the one hundred days to pass through the spring and summer months.


I must say I did enjoy watching the white potatoes growing on the deck this season. Throw them into dirt, and cover.. as they grow ~ cover again and so fourth. Until you reach the top of the container.

But…these sweet potatoes were a first for me this year and I was amazed at just how beautiful the plant was as it grew bigger. The undersides of the leaves were a hint of purple and the top a glorious shade of deep green. I removed the chicken wire cage after the one hundred days so I could tell if the vines began to droop. I do however see the inner leaves beginning to change to yellow ~ Just like they are suppose to do. A little late, but with the heat we had this summer I can’t blame this beautiful plant who is growing for me underneath the soil ~Yummy Sweet Potatoes ~ Yams ~ Kumara ~

Did you know?

That cuttings of a sweet potato vine, either edible or ornamental varieties, will rapidly form roots in water and will grow in it, indefinitely, in good lighting with a steady supply of nutrients. For this reason sweet potato vine is ideal for use in home aquariums, trailing out of the water with its roots submerged, as its rapid growth is fueled by toxic ammonia and nitrates, a waste product of aquatic life, which it removes from the water. This improves the living conditions for the fish, which also find refuge in the vast root systems….

This makes me almost want to set up a fish tank and watch the sweet potatoes growing in the water while doing its housecleaning chores… Cleaning up that fishy water ~ well you know… wink…

I really don’t think I’ll get too good a harvest from this small container with the growing sweet potatoes, because I read it can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months to fully grow and then you need to harden off in the sun to make them store-able.  Hum.. my growing season will never be that long…But, I’ve had a lot of joy in the attempt just the same and that’s what gardening is all about for me and my pup….

Here’s a short little video I put up on YouTube, yesterday… Enjoy…



Thank you for visiting my blog and viewing my little YouTube Video.. I promise I’ll get better at it one day.. wink…


Until next time


13 thoughts on “Lovely Sweet Potatoes ~ When will you be ready?

    1. Pete, I’m chuckling over here reading your comments. I too never ever in a million years knew there was so much to know about the staple in my household ~ The Potato….They are becoming more interesting to me by each season as I learn more about them.. My only thought about the spud was who was going to peel them for me for dinner… LOL.. Take care, Laura


    1. exoticnita54….Thanking you kindly for your comments on the simple potato.. Who knew? I’d become so interested in such a vegetable… But, the more I learn the more I want to know …Thank you again for your support on my gardening posts..

      Take care, Laura

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  1. We live in Florida and use sweet potatoes as ground cover in our yard. No one realizes they are actually veggies. Better yet, since we live in a semi-tropical area, they don’t need to be dug up and replanted.
    BTW, did you know you could eat their leaves? I often use them as a substitute for spinach.

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    1. foguth, Well hello there Jeanne from Florida.. I use to live in Panama City, Fl many moons ago, but back then I never gardened except for growing roses.. I did read on my inter web travels that some of the sweet potato leaves are editable. I have fallen in love with their beautiful leaves this past summer and plan on growing these every year if only to enjoy their beauty. If you were to dig them up are they store size or thin like carrots? I was watching other videos on them and they harvested mostly long thin ones. I must try the leaves too soon, before the frost sneaks up on them as well.. Thank you so much for the info and your comments. Have a wonderful day and take care, Laura

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      1. Hi Laura! I assume they can be stored like carrots. For certain, you could probably treat the stems like cuttings of flowers and bring them inside… Since your plant is in a pot, you might be able to bring the entire thing indoors.
        We grow 3 types of sweet potatoes & my favorite is one the vendor calls Korean (she is Korean & I don’t know if the potato is, too) The potato has purplish skin the when cooked, the meat is greenish, so it’s not the most attractive – or even typical – sweet potato, but it is delicious. We also have the reddish/orange flesh & some purple flesh… a couple years ago, when I was promoting the Chatterre Trilogy, I wrote a blog about sweet potatoes (https://foguth.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/sweet-potatoes-for-health/ ) … Nimri, is an herbal healer, so has a garden, which I am envious of 😉
        Have a great day! Jeanne

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  2. I, too, am learning here. I have never grown sweet potatoes. To be honest, it never occurred to me that I could, the UK having notoriously cool summers. However, it seems there are some cultivars that can survive here. Meanwhile, I watch with interest. I had no idea that the leaves were so beautiful.

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    1. Ros, the leaves are so pretty, I’d grow the sweet potatoes just to watch the vines get big with their green and purplish leaves…I took two cuttings off the sweet potato vines and put them into a glass of water to over winter so I can continue to enjoy their beauty over the long cold snowy months.. They are keeping the 5 pineapples company over the winter, so I should have lots to report (indoor gardening) in the months to come. Take care, Laura


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