For this gardener as Fall speeds toward me like a run-a-way freight train I tend to be a little  down having to give up a passion of mine. The snow is beautiful ~ Don’t get me wrong, but when we go into the deep freeze for months on end my body screams at me with pain in my joints.

You see one very cold winter we managed to get dumped with a ton of snow all at once a few years ago. So, what does a good neighbor do, you ask?…. She fires up her big red snowblower and after clearing her own driveway she heads to the neighbors driveways that she knows only have shovels.

I suppose I was out there for over an hour blowing 3 other driveways and wondered why I couldn’t feel any of my ten fingers any longer. About 30 minutes prior to this I was having a bit of stinging pains shooting up the hands, but I powered through it just the same.

Until, the pain returned just as I was putting away my snowblower into the garage, and I ran inside fast, pulling off my gloves. I can’t describe the type of pain it was, but I can say that giving birth to two children was a breeze compared to having frostbite on your hands.

All or most of the nerves in my hands are shot…I can’t handle things out of the freezer for very long or have any other type of cold on my fingers. The nerve pain I’m afraid will probably never go away. Damage is done….So, folks when winter arrives and you have minus 30 c temperatures like up here and below that too, keep those hands warm and when the first sign of pain happens ~ Get Your Bodies Inside!

(To cope with the cold ~ I use those little packets of gel that heat up and place those in my gloves…)

Indoor Gardening in the Wintertime

Has become a passion that I’ll always do during the long months of winter with the cold just outside of my windows. I’ve brought indoors cuttings off my cherry tomato plants, and begun a Pineapple Challenge over on YouTube ~ Started by Mick Watson. If you want to check it out just type in this.   #PineappleChallenge  and you should find all of the fine gardeners who are joining in with this challenge.

I started with just two pineapples two weeks ago, but now the pineapples in the stores are full of nice looking pineapples and they are marked down in price due to the shear volume of fruit on the shelves. So, what’s a gal to do who has plans for gardening in the wintertime? You might ask yourself…

Well, she goes and buys 3 more pineapples to add to the challenge, giving a grand total of 5 planted pineapples… This should keep me busy throughout the long winter if I can keep them alive.. It takes anywhere from 18 to 24 months to grow them so I’m what you call in my happy spot gardening this winter.

Please if you have time go on over and view my 38 second video on YouTube, and if you enjoyed what you see, please Like & Subscribe while you’re at it.. Thanking you all so very much ~ Your generous support for me and this blog has kept me smiling and happy. Hugs from me to you…



Until next time



10 thoughts on “Indoor Winter Gardening

  1. Five pineapples increases your chances at least, Laura.
    I have never had frostbite, but like you, I find very cold things hard to handle for long. I also find that if I let my hands get too cold, they don’t seem to get warm very rapidly. I hope that your coming winter is kinder for you.
    By the way, ‘Fanny’ means something very different in Britain…Here’s an Internet definition.
    BRITISHvulgar slang
    a woman’s genitals.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Oh my heavens, I should have said something else, I had no idea it meant that in Britain…Oops is right! So what could I have said so as not to wind up with that meaning…Cuz, in Southern terms it means just your rear end.. mercy me I’m blushing …and that’s a feat with an olive complexion….


      1. Not to worry. I thought that you would find the difference amusing though! We use the word ‘Bum’ for a rear-end, but that would not work over there, as for you it probably means a vagrant or tramp.x

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      2. I did indeed find the differences amusing… I’m still giggling over it.. as I do over bangers and mash.. I think that’s sausage and mashed potatoes? which we just had last night with sauerkraut and a dab of yellow mustard.. yum…


    1. Woozers, why didn’t that ever occur to me.. Heavy Ski Gloves.. mercy me.. Thanking you kindly, getting a pair today.. Bless you … Florida gals never think about such things, and since I’d never go down a mountain covered in snow on thin blades, (skies) I never thought of that.. I’ve enough broken bones just falling down the stairs in my own home…


    1. arlingwoman, that is what I usually do when not blowing the snow outside. I really do love firing up that big red snowblower of mine and moving the mounds of snow from one place to the other.

      The snow banks get to around 7-8 feet tall and sometimes higher by mid winter. Then it’s a chore to find places for it to go as that is as high as my snowblower will throw it.

      Hoping for less snow this year…

      Great tips for me and I think a nice new pair of ski gloves will help my hands, even if I’ve never skied and never will…

      But, I did when younger wish I were brave enough to risk a broken bone just to see what it felt like zooming down the ski hill.. or sliding down it.

      I did however cross country ski but that just was not very exciting back then..

      So, I’ll be content to enjoy the beauty of winter and dream of Spring and my gardening outside..

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, you’ve just made my morning wonderful.. Take care, Laura

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