I watched my neighbors yard a lot this past summer…They are selling their home and the lawn care was sadly mistreated, but wonders are lurking underneath an abandoned piece of land..



Even though when these little snowballs burst scattering the seeds all over the neighborhood, it’s really a beautiful thing to witness a yard full of these dandelions. I watched the bees happily tending to these flowers this past spring…



Even Thistle can be beautiful as long as it’s in the neighbors yard…..



I think this is a giant goldenrod, and this pair looks as if they are dancing side by side in the wind.. I wish my picture turned out better so you could see the bright yellow flowers atop these two plants… It’s been fun watching the neighbors back yard all spring and into the summer.

Wintertime, last year…



Brought three deer to the neighbors backyard… They would jump with ease over the fence and graze on the evergreen cedars…


Is a just 5 days away, can you believe it? How fast time flies by ~ almost in a blink of an eye..

Stay tuned for Fall colors when they arrive, as they are very late this year.. usually by mid-August I see the trees beginning to change, as the nights would chill… But, not this year the average temps in the evenings have been mild..

But… yes Fall will arrive and the chill in the air will begin to hang around and you can smell the wood burning in the fireplaces with the smoke circling in the cold evening sky that appears so much brighter in the Fall and Winter..


Until next time



8 thoughts on “My neighbors Goldenrod…

  1. In many ways, I wish more yards would adopt the natural way, which would be healthier for our planet … I also note that I am allergic to goldenrod, so I wouldn’t be thrilled for that to be dancing in the breeze near me 😉

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    1. foguth I agree with you about the natural way for our planet and I’m just glad that the goldenrod is in the neighbors yard and not in mine. I will be looking at my yard in the spring just to make sure none of it scattered over here. Take care and have a most peaceful Sunday, from Laura

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    1. arlingwoman, you’re so right…It was such a treat to watch nature do what’s natural this past summer. Usually, they are there and mow their lawn on a semi regular basis. But, what fun it was to watch the chipmunks running around in the dandelions with the tops of the flowers bobbing here and there. We have had so many bees around and butterflies too. What a treat it has been this year. Thank you so very much for your continued support and your lovely comments to my posts. It’s always such a pleasure to hear what you are thinking and have to say. Bless you fine lady, and have yourself a magical day… Take care, Laura

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    1. shannonboen, Thank you so very much for your visit and your lovely comments on My neighbors Goldenrod.. These dear pay a visit every year, and there is one with a lame leg that also is in the company of the younger ones. It’s really a treated to open my back door and be amazed by the animals… Take care, Laura


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