Yesterday, was yet again cloudy and raining off and on all day. I had to head to the lake in between rain drops just to sit on a bench near the empty baseball diamond. The cool breeze coming off the lake was a gift after having such humid weather all last week. Partly the remains from the hurricane that hit down South and worked its way up the Atlantic ocean.

I remembered this time to bring along my digital camera and thought about trying to make a short video, if anything of interest should happen….Well, I’d say it sure DID !

So, sit back for less than 3 minutes for a short video of my afternoon delight by the lake…

Thanking you allΒ  so much for your support, while I try and learn how to use the video portion of my camera, and try to bring smiles to the faces of as many as I can… This is a goal of mine, and has been for many decades. So, if you’re having a not so good day out there today, give this little video a try ~ You’ll be glad (I hope) you did….. πŸ™‚




Until next time




21 thoughts on “Mid-Afternoon at the Lake…

    1. vinnieh, my goodness… I feel so wonderful to have a blogging friend such as yourself. In a blogging world of many it’s difficult to find my way around in such a big pool of other wonderful bloggers.. So your support for my little piece of the blogging world is much appreciated. The blog that you do is a fountain of information and also makes me smile when some of the racy articles come to life in your posts or the delightful, no cellulose bottoms show up here and there. Which I’m certain all adults enjoy… Take care, and have a most interesting day/evening out there…

      πŸ™‚ Laura

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      1. vinnieh, I can certainly see that your heart goes into your blog. Each post tells us a story, but it’s your chosen words that actually touch us. Keep up the great work and I’m honored to call myself one of your followers… Peace… Laura

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      2. You have genuinely made my day there with your lovely words. If I can have an impact on at least one person, I have done what I set out to do. Thanks Laura. Anytime you need to look at something sexy, my blog is here.

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      3. vinnieh, I’ve actually (whispering) made return visits to quite a few (grinning) you never get to old to appreciate beauty and a wonderful blogger with pen to hand so to speak… I sometimes miss pen and paper… but love the backspace .. go figure… Take care, Laura (Peace)

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    1. Pete, it’s really funny when the seagull waddled up looking at me, then slowly raised its leg and bowed… I was so happy I got that shot and knew it’s a blog and YouTube moment for me.. Thank you for watching and your compliments..

      I’m trying very hard to figure out making the movies and editing them in YouTube..

      Perhaps, one day I’ll actually say to myself, “I can’t get any better than this…”

      Hum.. I seriously doubt it, but it’s a dream and dreams are what make up a multi-colored life….

      Those trees at the lake have a little story, which will be in another post, so stay tuned…

      Take care, Laura


    1. watchingthedaisies, thanking you kindly for your comments, as this is the main reason for doing the videos. I’m so happy that it made you smile and even on a Monday, wow that’s a real feat for me.. hugs and yes do try again to video your garden.. if you ever need any help with making your video, I may be able to assist .. I’m still new to them, but I’ll try if you need me too.. Take care my dear, from Laura

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA. What a silly seagull. As much as they can be annoying at times I actually quite enjoy them. Such silly birds. And they have become so used to people that they often have these almost communicative moments with us. So lucky the camera was rolling for this.

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