I find that if I get involved into a new project I tend to put a lot of effort into making it lighthearted and fun. This Pineapple Challenge is just that for me. I have big plans on this challenge and will be kicking it up a level or two ~ Into the Twilight Zone, so to speak.

With the temperatures beginning to drop at night and watching the black birds hurrying around in the trees, while the little chickadees flutter around hiding from these big old black birds. Even the squirrels are not bothered by the flock of black birds as of late. They are more interested in finding the supplies needed for our long winters.


I found out from my daughter this morning just why the power outage happened last evening.

Squirrel !



Needless to say a power outage caused by a squirrel is far worse for some reason?

line break image - 023


Until next time



8 thoughts on “When you have too much time on your hands…..

    1. Ohh… Coconuts and indoor gardening, what a thought.. However, I really don’t sensibly think that’s possible. But, I never say never… So, off to research it further.. Take care, and thank you for your interest in my silly antics with the pineapple, I’m really having fun with this..

      Laura 🙂


  1. Sweet! And tangy! I was reading several other pineapple-growing adventures in the past week also, and grabbed a pineapple when I saw some at the market yesterday. Of course, it’s warmer here in central Texas so I’m just going to stick my pineapple top in the ground and hope for the best. *fingers crossed*

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    1. Deborah Ray, that’s great news about your growing a pineapple… Do you make video’s for YouTube? if so put this in the title…
      That way you will be grouped with the rest of us involved in the Challenge… Great fun, indeed.. or if not you’ll have to post here for me to enjoy… If you don’t make the video’s for YouTube I can add you to the Challenge and report there in my video on your progress in Texas… It’s all fun and of course up to you.. Just offering some avenues for you if you wish .. Take care and have a peaceful day down South in Texas.. Best of luck too..



      1. I spend too much time online already without getting addicted to YouTube. 😀

        I’ll have to opt out of this challenge. My main goal is just to have another interesting plant out in the garden and see what happens with it. But if I do see a baby pineapple one day, I’ll definately share the news. 🙂

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      2. Deborah Ray, smart woman.. it’s true a lot of time goes into these avenues, but I would love to hear if you plant on how it goes for you.. I’m retired and children all grown, so for me this will keep the old brain functioning, perhaps better than just sitting in a rocking chair.. hum.. I’ll never be able to just slow down I must hurry and multi task, as time waits for no man… wink.. Thank you so much for your continued support of my blog and your lovely comments back to me… The door is always open for you to sit and visit my little bluebird4Udaily..

        Take care, and hugs from Laura

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  2. So…you can just stick these pineapple tops in soils and they grow???? Now that is seriously intriguing. And Wilson is cute as a baby coconut can be. As for the squirrels, well, that’s one of the things they do, fry themselves and blow out transformers! It would be better if they focused on foraging for nuts.

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    1. arlingwoman… You twist off the top of the pineapple…Take leaves off the bottom about 1 inch up, and you’ll see the curling roots as they wrap around the core.

      I’ve read at this point you let the bottom core dry for 2 days, then plant in soil..

      I’ve tried that before and the plant died.. This time I removed the bottom leaves, and planted it into the soil. The first two weeks the upper leaves will brown and die, but that’s to be expected. If the top is going to live, you should see a sprout beginning in the center of the top after 2 -4 weeks.. I never got that the first time. The center leaves on my first attempt were cut out by the store.

      These still have the center leaves intact so I’m hopeful.. You should give it a try, it’s fun but will take up to 2 years.. It’s tropical so don’t water too much.. let soil dry (but not totally) in between watering…

      Squirrels yes they are nuts on the power lines ~ instead of looking for nuts for the winter.. lol

      Take care lovely lady and have a wonderful day…

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