Have you ever been surprised while in your garden in springtime? I think each new gardening season never fails to shock and surprise the dickens outta me. You see I’m the hit or miss gardener of sorts. I know just a little ~ enough to get those seeds in the ground and usually spend most of my time fighting off the critters that appear to think I’ve rang the loudest dinner bell.

For me it’s not always the outcome, but rather the journey to arrive into Fall and the glorious bounty at harvest time  ~ that is if I’m lucky enough to have anything left to eat. I have a short video about my journey with the beautiful carrots that always seem to brighten up any plate at dinner time.

I find it’s always nice to learn about vegetables, critters, and nature at its best. So, pull up a chair and sit a spell as I tell you about my 2 year journey toward the beloved Carrot Seeds…

Thank you so much for watching ~ I am blessed to have you all as WordPress followers and friends…


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Until next time



2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Carrot seeds ~ A gardeners 2 year journey…

  1. I confess that I have never been surprised in my garden in Spring. And I have never had a dream about carrot seeds. I much prefer to follow your own journey in those areas, and to continue to enjoy your musings and videos about your life in the garden.
    Best wishes from a very warm Norfolk. Pete.

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    1. Pete, Thank you my friend. I’m so happy the humor I’m trying to get out there to lighten up someones day is working. I find if I can keep my life simple in nature (pun yet again) I am a much happier person who dreams of carrots seeds and is stress free (most of the time) This gluten free bread making of mine is kicking my behind. How can a person produce a beautiful tasty white flour bread for decades be stumped by the rice flour? But, I’m a fighter in that sense and I will not be defeated… She says, “Waving her hands in the air…” when no one is around to see, wink… 🙂

      Take care dear friend, Laura


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