I was surfing the inter webs the other day and ran across a couple of really interesting YouTube video’s on gardening. Mick Watson has a lovely plot for which to garden and he started this Pineapple Challenge. I quickly followed him and ran into another great video by Graham’s Kitchen Garden.  He has lots of interesting video’s and a funny sense of humor to go along with his talents for gardening and helpful tips.


I quickly became very excited to join in with this Pineapple Challenge because winter is around the corner and I need a new project to keep me sane. My Jalapeno peppers are still growing strong from their beginning last Fall, and now I have two beautiful heads from pineapples plopped in some dirt for another adventure of Gardening In The Winter Time Here In Northern Ontario Canada…

Here’s a link to my YouTube Video for the Pineapple Challenge.

I hope you enjoy and it’s a short one this time folks, so you won’t need that snack to watch it.. wink…


Until next time




12 thoughts on “The Pineapple Challenge Hosted by: Mick Watson on YouTube

  1. I enjoyed your happy film, Laura.
    Not sure about growing pineapples in England (or Canada) without a hot-house. And having to wait two years? That’s the real challenge! I will look forward to seeing your updates on this one.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, I just hope that I can keep the plant alive. That way I’ll have lots to keep me busy with my indoor gardening. The two gentlemen who I left a link on the YouTube video are from the UK so I figure this will be very interesting, indeed.. Stay tuned my friend across the pond… 🙂

      Take care, Laura

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    1. Oh Annie, Thanking you kindly for your well wishes in my attempts with this fun challenge. It will definitely keep me sane over the long winter months that are around the corner… Even if it was over 34c yesterday and the air felt like a brick wall outside. I even planted a Fall batch of radishes a week ago. Given these temps we’re having they just might make it to the salad bowl.. Hugs to you Annie…. from Laura the permaculture gardener.. I’ll keep ya posted on results good or bad as they happen… 🙂

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  2. Great post Laura!
    I have been trying the pineapple challenge for a while now. Mine have been growing four months and look great. I have planted them in the worst soil, give them no water and they love it!

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    1. Matt, your blog was not found, but I hope this message gets back to you .. Did your pineapple tops suffer in the first week? Mine are turning brown, which was sort of expected since most plants tend to do when newly planted or their heads have just been hacked off and thrown into dirt.. Sounds like ruff treatment to me eh.. Thank you so much for the follow to my blog, and I would love to hear further how your pineapple is doing.. Do you have YouTube and are you making vid’s about growing one too, if so you should join us in the #pineapplechallenge

      Take care, Laura

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      1. Hi Laura, not sure why my blog cant be found? My pinapples did suffer a bit, but not very much at all. I have had mine knocked out of the ground by horses, dogs and ducks, and I have just stuck them back in the ground! A good way to tell if yoyrs have taken is if the heads dont move around in the ground (shows they are firmly rooted). Out of 9 pinapples planted, i have 8 that have taken root.

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      2. Matt, when I went to your blog it stated
        matthenseleit.wordpress.com is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.

        I cut and pasted what is shows me just in case you didn’t know .. That is a good tip on the pineapples.. Mine just went into the soil on the 7th so too soon to tell… I sure do hope that mine will take as good as yours have.. Take care, and thank you for the return messages…



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