Along with that coffee or tea you might need a small snack by your side to view this amazing video.. Alright, I can not lie ~ I got long winded with talking all about my Potato trials, but just wait until the Tomato trial comes around the bend.. Wink,

So, if you chose to accept this mission click the link below before it self destructs…

~yes, I love mission impossible~

line break image - 018

chicken-little 001

You can do it, I have faith in you…. wink….


Until next time



6 thoughts on “Grab a Tea or Coffee and settle in for a spell ~ 18 minuets

    1. Pete, Thank you so much for commenting on YouTube, and sharing the video on the other two sites, I can use all the help I can get, wink.. I’m going to try and do a weekly video on YouTube.. oh my I need to get busy… Thanks again my friend across the pond..

      Take care, Laura 🙂


    1. arlingwoman, be on the look out for a small post about fingerling potatoes. Just when I thought I was finished yapping about these wee little spuds I’ve more to report on them that may be of interest.

      Thank you for your support and comments.. Hugs from Laura in Canada

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    1. misskrissyinthecity, I’m so happy you watched my YouTube video as I’m attempting to once again put out new ones once a week, however not quite as long a video for my viewers. Thank you so very much, take care


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