My little packet of seeds that were gifted to me from my beautiful daughter grew into a wonderful display of mini zinnias.

Mixed Mini Zinnias on background

This morning I woke up to a temperature range of 10 C (50 F) and this marks the time when what’s growing in your garden better hurry up and finish before the frost that’s around the corner for us here arrives. I see in my future covering up my tomatoes or picking them to set on the kitchen counter. Oh my summer flew by much too quickly for this happy gardener.

But, I can visit my YouTube channel and watch this short video of my flowers and that is certainly going to produce a smile or two when I’m outdoors in a jacket wondering if I can wait until Spring arrives again..

Perhaps, there’s crafting in store for those long winter months. I ordered the LED lights for my homemade folding light box and I just have to put them into place. I’ll wait for the Fall to finish that project…


Until next time



25 thoughts on “There’s Lollypops in my Garden…

  1. Nice colours, Laura, and I enjoyed your little film too.
    September arrived with a bang here too. A ten degree drop in temperatures, dark just after 8 pm, and light rain today. It’s officially autumn, and I haven’t even been on holiday yet!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, Oh my gravy.. Get out there and take a nice holiday, before your weather turns cold too.. I was just outside this morning harvesting onions and carrots… It’s stir fry day today… Thanking you kindly for your comments….


      1. I’m going on a walking holiday in October. To the Lake District, of all places, with a friend and ex-colleague. I am taking the dog, but Julie is staying here for work. It might not be great weather, but at least it will be a change of scene. Big lakes, small mountains, and very different to Norfolk.

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  2. Love those zinnias!!! We have a slight drop in temperature, but hurricane after effects this weekend. You must be somewhere up north for 50s. I don’t look forward to the end of summer as I am not a fan of winter. So I’m holding onto the first day of fall being 9/22. Keep on gardening!


    1. arlingwoman, yes I’m in northern Ontario, Canada. The last two nights I had to cover my tomato plants growing in the containers on my deck. The weekend leading into the week is suppose to be better with hotter temps. We call it Indian Summer as it happens each September .. Should get up to 90 f in the high 30’s c. this coming week. Tomatoes will love that and finally they are turning yellow.. So keep your fingers crossed the cold doesn’t get them.. Thanking you kindly for your comments and hold onto your hats as the after effects of the hurricane blow your way…

      Stay safe my dear… Take care, Laura


    1. Ros, you know it’s funny that I’ve never really been attracted to growing annuals except for the marigolds. But, since my daughter gave me these seeds for the multi colored zinnias which I’ve also always loved .. My pinching pennies had me missing out on so many beautiful annuals.. But, now I’m saying, “Be damned with my budget and plant at least one new annual each year and save the seeds..”why that never dawned on me before I haven’t a clue.. I do love at my age when I can truly say I’m clueless.. giggling because that’s usually for the younger sector who have lots of growing up to do.. So, with yet another birthday behind me I can say I’ve lots to learn still… wink…

      Take care, and smile ~ it keeps others wondering what you’ve been up too.. Gotta love that… πŸ™‚

      hugs, Laura

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      1. The sunrise is just now happening over here, so it’s probably going to become hotter.. I’m just reading your review on The Edge, somehow I missed watching this movie. I love watching Anthony Hopkins so I’ll be trying to find this on Netflix…

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      2. Oh my yes, I did see .. and lingered a tad on a few.. wink… I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog I see lots of interesting posts to read, and of course view… Pictures do indeed, speak volumes.. back to The Edge….

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