12 thoughts on “To Begin Again

    1. gaiainaction, Thanking you kindly, Agnes for your comments to my Haiku and the picture I used. Sometimes, when I take a picture the words for a Haiku just pour out of me and I have to write it down.. I am honored you have enjoyed my blog as I have yours as well.. Take care my new blogging friend, from Laura

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      1. gaiainaction, Thanking you kindly for your comments… It still amazes me when I look at the pictures I take and something just has to be put into words.. hugs to you my friend…

        Take care, Laura


    1. Hello there Ros, my dear how have you been. I too love looking up at the sky at all times in the day and the evening too. That is when the bats are not flying overhead.. They freak me out because I’ve watched too many scary movies with bats.. They pretty much leave humans alone, but I’d be the one human who runs into a rabid bat with my luck… Thank you for your comments, and I hope you’re happy and well… hugs from Laura 🙂

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      1. I’m good – or as good as good gets for me, anyway 🙂 I went away for a few days. My daughter needed help getting her things home from Aberystwyth in Wales and my husband and I decided to make a short holiday of it. Good decision. We had some nice, bright weather, though it’s done a good bit of raining since we got back!

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      2. Ros, great to hear you and hubby took a short holiday, that’s always good for the spirit. Happy also to hear the weather was fine, because usually that’s half the battle on a vacation… Take care, rest up and keep smiling… Hugs from Laura

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  1. You take lovely photos. You have a good eye for photography. I had a short stint with photography and remember my classes back in high school. Back before digital images I was lucky enough to experience developing my own negatives and prints. So much fun btw. And I remember being told that all you need to be a great photographer is a good eye and a decent camera, no need for expensive equipment. You my dear have a great eye.

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    1. misskrissyinthecity, oh my I feel honored that you liked my photographs and commented so kindly on them.

      I do try my best to see the subject through the lens as a thing of beauty instead of just a picture of a flower, etc.

      I bet you enjoyed taking the classes in school and you’re so right in saying that you don’t need $$$ camera’s because if the eye (Heart) is not there when clicking the shutter the picture will just be a run of the mill shot…

      I’ve always wanted to have a dark room to develop my own pictures, but that day never happened.. One day you should follow your instincts and return to your passion…

      Thank you so much for commenting and your visits and support..

      Take care, Laura 🙂


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