The Slug ~ Friend or Foe?

This summer has seen very little rain for our gardens, we’ve drained out every drop in our rain barrels, until just recently when the skies began to open up and shower upon us the rain we’ve needed since May.


The slug problems for me were non-existent during this time, until just recently where the garden beds are damp from night-time showers. Luckily, my permaculture beds are draining the rain off as fast as it pours down and believe me this is a good thing.

But, and yes with me there are many of these…Slugs still march on in whether it be an army or just a few scattered here and there. One morning, while sipping my coffee I looked over at the sunflowers with 9 flower blooms on the two plants growing in harmony together ~ What did my eyes go and see?

The biggest Brown Slug I’ve ever seen and during the daylight hours too. This Friend or Foe slithered up the sunflower stalk and made its self comfortable on the pretty yellow petals of the flower. I raised my camera, closed one eye and clicked the shutter button.. I really didn’t want to get a good look at it. But, just for you I lightened up the picture in photo shop, since it turned out so dark ~ happens when you don’t wanna look at what you’re taking a picture of..

August 17th 2016 - 001

I’m certain you’re happy this picture turned out horrible with its blurry pixels ~ I know I was…But since the slug in my garden and I have to co-exist during gardening season I thought I would find something, anything, whats so ever about these Gastropod Mollusc (Slugs or snails) that I could live with on a rainy day. I won’t ever use poison to rid these creatures in my garden because what’s the use of growing your own food if you’re going to also poison yourself in the process…


So, after looking on the inter-webs for information that I really found hard to read, since these beasties really do creep me out. I decided to google funny images for a change of pace to lighten up my thought processes…


After looking at these two funny pictures I could feel my mood changing away from complete frustration over these pests in my garden eating the pretty yellow petals of my sunflowers I began to actually absorb the information about this topic. I already knew from experience the slugs find hostas plants as delightful as I find a nice lobster on my dinner plate, dipped in warm creamy butter.

So, why are they here I pondered…I know every single thing on this planet has a reason for being here, whether it’s for their beauty or because they are food for another predator. Did you know chickens adore these slimy critters, as do birds, toads, frogs, snakes, raccoons, etc the list was almost endless….

I wondered if I made a visit to City Hall and tried to convince them to allow me to raise just a couple of nice looking chickens within these city limits because I needed a way to rid the slugs devouring my lettuce leaves…. Would they accommodate my needs?

So, after giggling over that thought I remembered hearing something about Diatomaceous Earth to help with the critter problems in the garden.


Or, I could…

 go and buy some beer at the beer store and try to drown them while they are feeling woozy and perhaps flirtatious with each other or servicing themselves… Did you know they are both male and female all wrapped into one slimy package? hum… too much information….


The link above will tell you all about Diatomaceous Earth

Perhaps, the hated slug will never become my friend and the same goes for it being a foe. These slimy creatures do play an important part and benefit us ecologically.

So, I’ll continue to keep all of my hostas plants far from the garden beds, hoping these creatures dine there instead, and if they do find my lettuce leaves heavenly ~ Well who am I to dictate where they will eat out….

But, for now the Diatomaceous Earth is going around my Sunflower Plants, as these are a private section for the owner of this little piece of earth for the time being that is.. we can merely just tend to the earth and then return it when we’re gone… Life is way too short for all of this frustration over slugs in my garden beds. Because I dined on home grown Beets, and Carrots this evening and not a single slug was invited…

One last thought on this slimy matter. Early on in the springtime the caravan of caterpillars marched right on in to the yard with all of their markings so pretty in the daylight. Oh there will be a butterfly and perhaps that one is going to be a Monarch, Arctic Skipper, or a Zebra Swallowtail.. Come on in and dine on all of the newly sprouted leaves on my bushes my endless legged friend, because one day very soon you’re going to magically turn into something of beauty. Here, you bright green crawling thing, take this plate of honeysuckle leaves and have some maple leaves too…

Artic Skipper

~Arctic Skipper~

When pondering the differences between how I felt about the slimy slugs, and the caterpillars I noticed something. In the Spring, granted we in the north are so happy to be out from underneath the many feet  (meters) of snow that we’re happy and almost delighted to watch the brightly colored caterpillars slowly, but with purpose crawl into our yards and gardens.

After a rain when the same occurrence happens and the slugs slide on in during the darkness of nightfall, we are ready to head outside after midnight with a mallet in one hand and a torch in the other to bang away at the shiny bits crawling around our plants. Granted these creatures are something that this old saying applies, “Only a mother could love.”

But, the animals that feast on these slugs and snails consider them to be a bounty for their palates. I can remember thinking not too long ago I wish I had snail problems instead of the shell less slug. At least I could admire the different markings on the shells of a snail, instead of being grossed out by the slugs. Hum…

Just because beauty is not the first thing you think about when looking at slugs in your garden I think if you really with both eyes looked at all of the different markings and colors on the many species you’d be almost amazed. Remember, just a few grains of salt can turn this ravenous jelly like creature into a pool of slime. We are the Ghost-busters of the slug world when we put on our holsters locked and loaded with SALT.


Until next time



Just Call Me Chicken Little

I was hoping my eyes were playing tricks on me from afar, but once the camera captured this picture of a nest on the neighbors house I became very concerned.


I’m not sure if it’s a wasp or a hornet, but I did see this below today landing on my deck railing and fly off in the direction of this nest.


(I’m not certain if it had the white markings)

Just call me chicken little

chicken-little 001

I hurried inside as I’ve read that hornet stings are so much worse than the honey bee or the wasp sting. Oh my goodness, how can that be worse! The wasp can sting you over 5 times in succession and doesn’t die after either. They don’t lose their stingers after stinging you.. How is that FAIR?


I know they eat the bad bugs in our gardens and pollinate our beautiful flowers, but if we are not trying to swat them why can’t they just fly on by without feeling threatened by us? I ask you that…Well, actually that is exactly what this bug did, flew on its way…Alright, I am Chicken Little in the worst way..

Today marks the day for my container potatoes to be ready. The 80 days have expired and the plant has been turning yellow for the past week and a half. I want to wait until all of the leaves turn yellow, since the first frost is a long way off (I think anyway as it’s bloody hot out there today, feeling like 36 c. with the humidity)

My second container with the potatoes should be ready on August 30th, but there is no sign at all of yellowing leaves, so they will remain until such time.. We’re suppose to get thunderstorms for this evening, overnight and into the next day as well, so I’ll wait for a nice sunny, dry day and then dump out the container to see what my bounty will be. I just hope the scary black insects who lives in that hive are not around for the harvest….


Until next time


Do You Think You Are The Biggest Fool on This Planet? Read this and you will realise you come second

Fellow friends of mine, please visit this blogger and help this fine gentleman with followers. He has a wonderful blog and worth the time to visit and see what he’s up to… Thanking you all kindly for your support as we were all new with very few followers at one time, myself included still..

Hugs to all and again many thanks … 🙂


Let me tell you two most ugliesttruths of life:

  1. Each and everyone of us will have a person in life who, at one point of time, will become the reason or I should say source, of our happiness. For whom you will reserve the maximum place in your heart. However, due to unforseen unfortunate events the same person will became toxic in your life and getting over him/her will became one of the biggesthurdles in your life. The relationship with the person may vary he/she may be your first true love, your best friend or even your family member.
  2. Youwillnevertrulygetovertheperson.

However, everycloudhasasilverlining. The experience of facing the ordeal will make you a more sensible, mature and stronger person.

Now let me tell you all why I am the biggest fool on…

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A little stroll by the Lake ~ Part Four

The cruise ship was in my sights as I walked away from a father and his daughter who I knew for certain would have a nice time playing over on the brightly colored equipment just for children and grown ups alike with a child like heart.

August 16th 2016 - 029

This area is the center line between shallow and deep water of the lake. I love how these rocks are piled high above the waterline. just waiting for someone to canoe over and sit a spell, but it won’t be me in one of those canoes anytime soon…

August 16th 2016 - 028

I could hear music playing where the ship was docked, and wondered if the men and woman working on the cruise ship were cleaning up the decks to their favorite tunes…

August 16th 2016 - 022

I found my right foot tapping to the tunes that were drifting toward me as I drew closer to the ship. I stood by this sign just looking around and enjoying the music supplied from inside the cabin doors.

August 16th 2016 - 024

I had to walk way back from the sign to get a picture of the ship, but still missed the right front corner.. Oh well, by now my knees were screaming at me without a care in the world about just how far I was from my car.

I started back to where I began on this gray morning and noticed the father and daughter were parked by the playground and I just knew the little girl was going to have fun and hopefully forget all about her daddy yelling at her moments before.

August 16th 2016 - 034

These little beauties were growing very close to the shoreline among the rocks.

August 16th 2016 - 033

August 16th 2016 - 035

If it wasn’t about to rain any second now I could have sat on the edge of the pier and watched the reeds dancing in the wind that was beginning to pick up speed. You can smell the rain in the air as it approaches with its sweetness.

August 16th 2016 - 036

With each pause walking back to the car my heart danced through the aching joints and enjoyed the beauty that was on display this August day in the year of 2016…

August 16th 2016 - 037

I sat on a bench and looked though the camera lens at the bits of blue and purples along with a variegated hostas

August 16th 2016 - 038

This path made of stone was calling out my name to choose this direction instead of the same way I arrived…

August 16th 2016 - 040

For this single bloom alone I was glad I was listening to the stone paths wisdom, so I could delight in the beauty of this flower.

August 16th 2016 - 042

Excitement abounds with thoughts about this tree surrounded by these hand picked plants from the caregivers of these gardens. If trees and plants could speak, what would they say on a day like today?  This congregation would have plenty to voice I’m certain….

August 16th 2016 - 050

I wished there were labels to tell me the name of this beautiful plant. It reminds me of deep sea diving in Florida and the beauty that lies beneath the sea…

August 16th 2016 - 049

August 16th 2016 - 046

I needed to pick up the pace as the sprinkles began to appear on my glasses….

August 16th 2016 - 039

Looking forward before heading back to where I started on this morning I smiled at these grouping of beautiful trees swaying so delicately in the breeze off the lake.

August 16th 2016 - 051

I sat down just underneath the cover of some trees and snapped this picture as the darkness covered the skies, briefly as the lamp came on.

August 16th 2016 - 044

I knew I had a few more minutes to get the final pictures as the skies parted and a little more light was available to me…

August 16th 2016 - 048

August 16th 2016 - 053

August 16th 2016 - 041

August 16th 2016 - 047

August 16th 2016 - 052

line break image - 023

August 16th 2016 - New Hotel Construction

I’m excited and worried about this structure going up, excited about the new restaurant, but it’s right across the street from the lake and the garden I’ve just shown to you all here on Word Press… what would you think about a 6 story building in this location, just wondering here what thought you all might have about that.. Please leave a comment in the box if you have any views on this.. Thanking you kindly for following along with my little stroll along the boardwalk and down to the pier… hugs


Until next time


A little stroll by the Lake ~ Part Three

I rose from the edge of the pier, after sitting there for at least 3o minutes remembering moments that I’ll always treasure. But, it was time to move forward or perhaps look just across the pier again…

August 16th 2016 - 012

Too bad it was so early in the morning and the dock shoppe would be closed. I found myself after cruising my memories so to speak in need of a scoop of ice cream in a cone. But, it was definitely much too early for that, since I’d only had a few sips of my coffee this early morning at home.

August 16th 2016 - 014

I continued walking the pier looking at all of the summertime water crafts tied at the floating docks which the marina removes for the wintertime just before the lake freezes over and the winter vehicles zoom across the frozen lake. Upon looking at the brightly colored awnings of the boats in front of me I noticed a seagull resting atop one of them.

August 16th 2016 - 032

After zooming in with my camera I could see clearer that most of the boats were all dressed in brand new awning covers. There was very little breeze out on the pier this morning so I was missing out on the delightful sounds the water makes when the wind transforms water into clapping waves hitting the floating docks, bobbing them up and down a little bit.

August 16th 2016 - 026

Continuing on I looked up and could see yet another seagull resting atop this light along the pier. So, I gave this feathered friend a wide birth and walked around the light just in case nature called upon this bird and I happened to be right smack dab underneath him or her at the perfect time. I had to giggle while crossing back over to the other side of the pier, because this king or queen seagull sitting above me ruled my actions this morning. Hail, to the ruler of this section of the pier, since I forgot my hat at home.

August 16th 2016 - 023

I just had to smile broadly, once again after looking at the edge of the pier. This really needed me to take a picture. Here’s a weed growing out of the cement which is above the water. For years I’ve battled with trying to get my front yard to grow grass. The city usually needs to come and dig up part of the yard every other year to install new this and that, or repair an old this or that. They are kind enough to replace the dug up area with new sod, but since I’ve no hose hook up on the outside of my building I can’t really water the front lawn regularly.

This is the stupid thing about being in a townhouse…I’m in the middle, a home to the left of me attached and to the right of me. There was a little room I think where the builder could have put a water hose outlet. But, noooooo…..The only water outlet for the front yard is inside of my garage, which I’d have to pull out my car, crawl underneath attached wooden shelves and while bent over in half try to attach the hose. Well, ten years ago I did this without much difficultly, but not now with my knees. I tend to not do things that will set any pain in motion as far as they go… I just thought this little weed was funny and had to share with you…

Continuing on…

August 16th 2016 - 020

This little vehicle with two beautiful young ladies inside was paused on the pier while I was taking a silly picture of the weed growing out of the cement. It’s electric so I never heard it was there waiting on me to focus the camera. Boy, I wonder what they thought of me, while waiting…?

I can just hear it now, “Why is that old woman taking a picture of a weed?”

One of them might question to the other, “Perhaps, it’s the water she’s taking a picture of…” The other young lady might have replied…

“Either way that’s weird…” One might say just as I finished taking the picture and walked over to these young ladies to applaud the fine work they also do at the lake area.

They had been collecting trash from the bins all up and down this area. I often see school age children working and riding on these neat little vehicles and always wanted to drive one of them around, but since these sort of summer jobs are directed for the youth as summer jobs my window of opportunity had long since abandoned me.

They were so polite, smiling over at me when I walked over to them thanking them for the short wait I put them through, and I said….

” It must be so much fun driving one of these…”

The ladies grinned from ear to ear and both in harmony said, “It sure is!” Smiling from ear to ear, both of them….

August 16th 2016 - 030

I stopped at a marina building that probably houses supplies of some sort or the other, and thought it might be an interesting picture with the wood just below the foundation of the building. When I noticed something in the water. Looking like a pallet or part of the wooden structure of the building. I zoomed in a little way down the pier, since this one was closer to the edge of the walkway.

August 16th 2016 - 031

With the sun trying to peek between the clouds I noticed it was not a pallet after all, but someone instead of moving this wood just place big heavy rocks on top of it. You can see how shallow the water is here and I’m really close now to where the cruise ship is docked.. There’s a drop off to happen soon, or else the cruise ship would be a ground.

But, before I continued walking I thought about the 5 or 6 people I passed while walking on the pier, wondering if any one of them noticed the weed growing out of the cement, the ducks, the wooden structure, or the father who had his daughter in the car parked on the pier, while he threw out a fishing line. This set up sounds nice right? But, it was far from it…

This father was berating the child for wanting to come to the pier to go fishing with her daddy, while the real reasons for wanting to come out here was to play in the brightly colored playground. This man was going on and on, repeating him self over and over when I just had to walk over there and cause a tiny ripple effect on both of their day… Hopefully….

“Hey, catch anything good?”

I asked the father who abruptly stopped yelling at his beautiful daughter, who peeked her head out of the window to see who was talking to her daddy…

“No, not yet…” He replied…

And, then the magical moment happened, thank heavens…

This fathers facial expression changed and the coloring on his skin began to go back to its normal coloring, instead of beat red ….He talked about his daughter asking to come out to go fishing, because she knew he’d take her straight away. But, her motives were to merely run to the playground instead….

I was looking and smiling at this lovely child in the car, and back again at the dad before commenting when he was done.

“You’re a very lucky man, to have such a beautiful daughter who wants to spend time with her daddy at the playground….Time will arrive much to quickly when she will only want to spend time with her school friends, and never dream of fishing or spending time with you near a playground. Well, sir I wish you luck with your fishing and hope you catch a tasty dinner for your sweet family, soon.” And, I kept walking…

I could hear the daughter speaking to her daddy through the car window, wanting to know why I’d stopped to talk.. and the father replied, “I’ll explain all of that when we get over to the swings…”

This was my purpose for wanting to stroll on the pier today, that I’m certain of. When ever I get a notion to do something that is not normal for me, like trying to beat the all day rains that were coming, and ignoring the approaching rain – knee pain just to walk here taking pictures where the lighting is not favorable to do so.. I know without a shadow of a doubt ~ There was a reason and this was it.

To be continued, join me tomorrow for Part Four


Until next time…





A little stroll by the Lake ~ Part Two

Once I finished laughing at myself for thinking the rocks in the lake looked like the famous Loch Nest Monster, I continued walking up the pier to where the Chief Commander is docked.

August 16th 2016 - 021

needless to say I kept my umbrella placed snugged underneath my arm. The sky was truly amazing when I stepped onto the wooden pier. The water was still at low tide and a few ducks were enjoying paddling around, pecking at anything that floated by their beaks.

August 16th 2016 - 019

As soon as I stopped to lean over the railing to position the camera to get a better shot, I could see in the sand just inches below the surface of the shallow water the ducks prints in the sand. They stayed very close to where I was standing as they are accustomed to being well fed by other folks strolling along the pier.

August 16th 2016 - 018

I’m sure if they could speak they’d say, “Throw me something, Mrs…”

August 16th 2016 - 017

These creatures are actually really lovely in many different ways. They paddle with such ease and keep their eyes on anything just below the water line. I’m not sure just how long I stood there just admiring these fine feathered creatures, but I know they gave me such a sense of peace and tranquility.

But, it was time to move on toward the end of the pier where the Chief Commander Ship is docked. I’ve experienced many times the cruises along the lake, touring around the different islands. It’s such a treat to be back on a boat floating atop the water and this reminds me of my grandfather and I heading out on our shrimp boat just before sunrise in Florida… Fried Egg sandwiches and a thermos full of hot coffee with milk. Boy, oh boy those were the days one must remember, and always repeat so the memories stay alive….

On the opposite side of the pier there was a sand bar due to the water being so shallow, and a little mystery too…

August 16th 2016 - 013

Abandoned was this pair of swimming trunks, scrunched into the sand by the current of the water. This made me grin like a Cheshire Cat, wondering just how these trunks came to be here. My first thought I must admit was someone enjoyed skinny dipping in the lake one dark evening…So, I looked around for more clues…nothing else in sight, but my thoughts continued with this thought process. Perhaps, the couple were on a boat one fine evening and decided to just throw caution to the winds and release their clothing into the water below…

Whatever the real reasons this lonely pair of swimming trunks found their way to this very spot for me to notice I didn’t really care, as it gave me memories of long ago skinny dipping for the first time in Florida one moonlit night with my beau……

August 16th 2016 - 016

I had to laugh once I continued walking the pier, and came upon this sign, Rent A Rack… With my childhood memories flourishing around in my thoughts this sign brought back memories of my so called first hunting trip with a rifle…As if I’d ever shoot anything! I told my beau….as we trampled through the woods in search of a deer. Well, he was in search of and I was determined to make as much noise as I could ~ feeling satisfied I would surely be scaring away any wild thing in the woods for miles and miles. Thus, saving their lives and I could enjoy the hiking part of this adventure… There was going to be NO RACK on the hood of this mans truck today….

August 16th 2016 - 015

The famous canoe episode came rambling forward so hard I needed to sit on the edge of the pier and soak in the memories of it fully. My late husband and I bought a beautiful red canoe during the first year of our wedded bliss. We took it out on another lake not very far from this one, but this other lake is very deep and very cold. As a matter of fact they tried to measure just how deep it is and couldn’t, since it was too deep to calculate…My husband left that part out about the lake until after the episode…..

We got into the canoe, and began paddling around this frigid lake in the springtime (not the best time of year either..) Really, really cold……Well, I leaned over to see down into the water and could see something that appeared to look like branches as if there was a forest down there. Ah…Beavers were busy I assumed…

Then for some reason I began to become afraid of the lake and what lurked beneath the water line. This was a first for a gal who grew up around the Gulf of Mexico and swam with the dolphins many times, and even caught sharks with my grandfather (When they became too over populated after a hurricane blew through our town – This action was an order from the Mayor back in the sixties to all fishermen).. These things you can clearly see.. This dark and dreary looking bottomless lake you could not..

We neared the shoreline and in my hurry to paddle faster I tipped over the canoe, flipping it over completely….He got out quickly, remember the water was very cold, and I held my breath waiting to get help… Good thing I was a good underwater swimmer when younger and learned early on how to hold my breath for a long time underneath the water.

He thought I’d be surfacing soon, so didn’t bother to check to see if my legs were caught underneath the seat on a hook of some sort. I didn’t panic or race for air, I calmly felt around to see why my leg would not release and I came to the surface slowly, frozen and I must admit a bit angry at him for not jumping to my aid….

I never yelled at my husband or even wanted to in the brief 15 years we were granted together as husband and wife, but I did say, “We’re selling this pretty red canoe, tomorrow.”  And, that was that…. For sale one pretty red canoe, used only once….is what the ad placement read in the next days newspaper.

To be continued, join me tomorrow for Part Three…


Until next time…




A little stroll by the Lake ~ Part One

It was just one of those days…I woke around 5 this morning and felt the approaching rain off in the distance. Last nights beautiful sunset was a sign that rain was in our future. We still need the rain so it’s a welcome sight to see. But, my knees know as well when it’s going to rain or snow and they are not in the least bashful about showing me who’s boss.

I thought I’d go for a little walk early this morning down by the lake on the boardwalk. Since, I was going to feel pains in the knees I might as well earn it a little because there was going to be no gardening for me today.

I checked the weather forecast before heading out and hoped that the estimated time for the arrival of the showers was correct. Just to be safe I grabbed my handy dandy umbrella and placed my digital camera in my little ice cooler because it keeps the rain off and when the camera is in the car it’s hidden from others and it won’t be damaged by any heat in the car. Works like a charm… Just a helpful hint… So, come on and follow along with me on my walk this morning…

August 16th 2016 - 001

As you can see the whole of the morning was going to be hues of gray with a few scattered sprinkles here and there.

As I looked down the boardwalk I noticed the volunteers hard at work this early morning. Pulling out brown bits of plants and pulling any weeds that have appeared just overnight from the past two days of rain.

August 16th 2016 - 002

I walked pass the Hostas with their varied markings. There is really something special about these hardy plants. They can withstand drought, as proven in my own garden this year as long as there is shade for them like underneath this pine tree.

August 16th 2016 - 003

I came upon this beauty with a visitor resting on top of the flower. So, I must stop to take a shot before it notices I’m there and flies away.

August 16th 2016 - 004

I pretty much had the entire boardwalk to myself this morning, except for the occasional person walking their dogs. This newly mulched path looked appealing to me and wondered if I’d see a tiny critter running through the bushes. I wasn’t disappointed because two chipmunks took off running in the other direction.

August 16th 2016 - 005

This is where small celebrations are held. It’s amazing how your voice can travel when standing underneath this structure. Kids of all ages love to stand in the middle and call to each other while a slight echo happens like magic…

August 16th 2016 - 011

I walked around by the beach area that is roped off for the safety of swimmers of all ages and where the summertime lifeguards can keep a watchful eye on everyone.

August 16th 2016 - 007

Although, it’s abandoned at the moment as soon as the weather clears folks will be out on the beach playing and swimming. Under the careful eye of the wonderful people who sit up on this lifeguard chair.

August 16th 2016 - 008

It may have been too early for young children with their parents to play at this playground, but this single little duck found it just right and had the beach all to themselves.

August 16th 2016 - 009

I found myself giggling when looking through the camera and noticed these rocks looked more like a loch nest monster then just being low tide…

or is it???

loch nest monster 2

  or perhaps  060309_loch_ness

You can see I have quite the imagination while doing most things each day…So join me tomorrow for Part Two of the stroll along the boardwalk…


Until next time


It’s Nine in the evening ~ 28 Celsius

August 15th 8-52 pm - 002

But, oh what a beautiful evening it is just before the sun rests on this day…

Gardening for Fall in Northern Ontario

Fall is the time to plant garlic. Around August 17, take your cloves apart and plant the toes about 3 to 4 inches deep. This may not be accurate! Garlic dates vary wildly around the country. The way to be sure is to use a soil thermometer. When the soil temperature is 60° at a depth of 4 inches, then plant your garlic.


It’s also time to begin thinking about what types of Tulips you want to plant. We experience such long winter months. It  is so joyous to see the snow melting in the spring and the arrival of those first tulips peeking out from the ground…


I’ve planted my Fall crop of Swiss chard and I am monitoring my potato plants. The first planter will be ready on August 20th and the leaves are beginning to turn yellow as they should. This is a signal that their growing time is almost complete. My second planter was planted two weeks after the first and they will be ready by August 30th. The third planter containing my sweet potatoes should be ready by September 10th.

This is truly an exciting time of year for a gardener who waits 80 – 100 days for the potatoes to grow. It can be such a treat to tip over the containers when it’s time and count just how many spuds you’re going to get each year. I did ponder over planting my potatoes in the soil this year, but decided to use containers instead. This is much easier on me to just tip over the container on a tarp and then add the soil back into the compost bin for the frozen winter to clean up any thing in the soil. One good thing about gardening in the frozen north I don’t have to worry too much about rotation. At least from what I’ve read here and there.

I’ve saved all of the peels and scraps from all vegetables, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc all summer long, adding these to the compost bins. Usually after it rains (which didn’t happen much this year) I lift a medium size rock in search of some nice fat worms to add to the compost bins as well. You can really never have too many of these nature workers as they aid in giving you the best ever black gold for the spring when everything is hungry.

Between recycling in our blue boxes, and composting what I can I usually only have around 1/4 bag of garbage each week. I tend to not buy products with a lot of packaging as I shop in the grocery store mainly around the outside of the store.. The middle is where all of the processed foods are and I stay away from those.. Too much salt anyway.. along the outside perimeter of the store is the vegetables, meats, milk and cheese. The frozen vegetables are also good as they last longer than the fresh and usually are more cost efficient for me to buy when outside of my local growing times.

My gardening regret this year was that I forgot to plant my zucchini. I ran out of large containers after using them for the potatoes. This would have been such a good year for growing this vegetable since it was so dry I could have planted them right in the ground .. With very little rain I didn’t have any snail or slug problems this year.

Last year lots of rain equaled the battle of the slugs… and don’t forget the wasp. This year I didn’t have any of the nests in my yard, but they were in the neighbors yards and make a daily visit to my garden cleaning up any bad bugs that might harm my plants.


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I’m not sure if wasp are effected by long weeks of heat and humidity, but this year we had both all summer and the wasp are mean. They have been daily chasing me indoors if I’m out there after nine in the morning. Which is why I do most of my gardening at 6 in the morning and head indoors around 8, before they show up….I just read the above article and know a bit more why they are so mean at this time of year…

So, get that garlic ready to plant and choose which tulip you want to plant… I know I will be….

Frog sticking out tongue

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A little packet of seeds from my daughter

August 12th 2016 - Zinnia Semi Dwarf Pumila Mixed Colors on background - 004

My sweet daughter surprised me last winter with a little packet of flower seeds. They were given to her as an appreciation gift with a cute little red potting container. I thought these would look lovely in my homemade garden trug box on either side of my green onions, parsley and ginger. This above picture is the first bloom. I just was blown over by the color of the petals.. Not altered in photo shop.. I just put the picture on a simple background…

The seeds are called: Zinnia Semi Dwarf Pumila Mixed colors. So, I’m excited to see what the next bloom will look like. It rained for the past day and a half and this little beauty opened up during the rain just as it began. I’d say this plant was delighted as much as I was to finally see the skies providing life sustaining water.

Have a happy day today my friends…

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Just a simple gesture for all of my friends here…

My friends at Word Press

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I’ve been playing around with creating a Light Box for taking pictures with my digital camera. The reasons are simple, Winter is around the corner for me here in Northern Ontario, Canada and since I’m only out in the snow to blow it with my handy dandy snowblower I need things to do over the winter.

March 30 2015 - 004 resized 30

A few weeks ago I grabbed another medium sized cardboard box from the grocery store and cut out the top and both sides to place white tissue paper in the voids. But, I’ve done this before and found that having a place to store such a large box without tearing the tissue paper is difficult…

confused-person - 3

My old Light Box wound up in my closet over the summer months gathering dust and the occasional dusting of baby powder.. I never could find a clear garbage bag large enough to put the box inside, so I thought of crafting a smaller one. Like the box I have here right now..


A week ago I was looking on the inter-webs for other ideas and had a folding version in mind. Well, I ran across a few ideas that sparked my interest enough to set me off and running to my nearest Business office supply store for some poster boards to make a template.


I want to craft a light box out of sturdy, but not heavy plastic ~ sort of like the plastic they use for those floppy binders. I thought about just how envelopes are made and fashioned my ideas onto the template. After, I cut out the pieces from the poster board attaching with some double sided tape just to see if I could fashion it as a box effect.

I’ve decided to use small round Velcro pieces to hold it in place when in use, and then it will be a simple action to fold it up, afterwards. I also need to try and find a light strip to attach to the inside top. In the picture above I used my poster board template with just regular light bulbs that created a shadow of the handle.. Using a light strip inside of the Light Box will fix that problem…

Then when in my garage I thought about laminating the folding pieces (6 of them) then cut out those six pieces which would sturdy up the sides of the box keeping the top level with the bottom. I suppose another template is in my near future, I just wish I’d thought about it before I glued it on with a glue stick and followed after with clear packing tape.

At this point I must say I’m very happy with the results when it’s folded neatly. The light box can then be set on a book shelf for storage, along with your favorite novels…

So, my search is on for a LED Light-strip and those circular Velcro tabs for the closure. I also might as well look for one of those plastic handles for the top when it’s folded.. Wish me luck and if all works out I’ll post with pictures about it…..

Here’s a little teaser when the template is folded….

Folded View of Light Box - 002 - resized 80

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