This second potato harvest on August 30th 2016 was going to produce a smaller yield than the first harvest where I had planted potatoes in a much larger container. But, since this was a trial with the different sizes of containers used for planting and not using the compost tea like I did last year. So, without further adieu… Drum roll, please…


This time I used an empty plastic tote to dump the soil into and then my hunt began for spuds


August 29th 2016 - 003

The thing is when your hunting for those tasty, glorious rounds of potatoes you’re going to run across the parent potato in there too. If, you’re lucky it would have already began to decompose and will have flattened as if a balloon was poked with a pin.. But,……

Oh no this container had other plans for me, which is why on this day I was ever so happy with my latex gloves.. I found one of the parent potatoes all slimy and I wanted to run off screaming to the hills.

snow white scared running away

But, since I gave up running ~ unless in case of a fire…I said a big old Southern ~ Yuck!  And continued on looking for my spuds..

August 30th 2016 - 003

This is a stunt box, not the box the spuds were in.. sadly to say..

Plus I felt the need to play around in photo shop …

August 30th 2016 - 002

Not as many potatoes in this second container but nice looking spuds just the same and also a handful of fingerling potatoes too.. Next year I’m going for larger yields now that I’ve played around with growing in containers. There’s going to be some woodworking involved for this next years project in the garden growing potatoes.

I’m already sketching out the design I want to use, because it might as well be pretty along with functional…

Any ideas out there? On what I should build for growing my spuds next year…..

If, I use your ideas or incorporate some of your ideas into my design I’ll give you a big heads up on my post with your blog address too.


Until next time


11 thoughts on “Second Potato Harvest ~ Container Gardening…

    1. Pete, Thank you for your comments and your support for my little potato harvest.

      I like trying out different ways of growing food and when I find something that works well with our very short season that makes it all worthwhile.

      The third crop with be the glorious Sweet Potato, which I’ve never attempted before, but it’s still a potato of sorts so I’m hoping for the best…and if it doesn’t yield very much then I would have fully enjoyed the leaves for this plant all summer, greens and deep purple.. a delight to say the least..

      I think trying to figure out how to keep all of the bugs and critters out of the garden is the real joy, as I love a challenge any day..

      Take care, Laura


  1. Hey, thanks for visiting and following my blog! I love your little puffy bluebird. As for spud containers, if there’s a food bank or co-op near you that gets 50 lb bags of rice or dried beans in, the bags are made of a tough, woven material with some plastic in it. Since it’s woven, it will drain. You could either sew them up to the size you’d like or just fold them down and use them as is, raising the folds as you add more soil. Great looking crop, even if it wasn’t as good as the first!

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    1. arlingwoman, you’re most welcome as your blog is a delight for me to read.

      That’s a great idea about the woven bags and I’ll be on the look out for them or buy some burlap material and stitch one up if the food banks don’t have any..

      Thank you so much for your helpful comments. When growing the potatoes in the containers this year was actually just a trial of sorts. I wanted to see the yield without using the compost tea this year.

      I want to also build one of those wooden structures for next years potatoes, where you keep raising the height with panels of lumber.. I will also now be trying the burlap bags.. I just love little experiments and see what works from year to year..
      Makes gardening just that much more fun…

      Not many slugs due to the drought this year.. all in all pretty good as far as not too many critters except for the chipmunks stealing seeds.. but I understand that too… It’s like I’m setting the dinner table for them to feast on.. Can’t really blame them for that..

      Happy gardening to ya, from Laura 🙂

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    1. watchingthedaisies, Thank you so much for your helpful comments and I think you’re so right about the outcome of a larger yield using the mounding method for potatoes. I’ve been making my own compost for over 10 years now and that seems to work quite well for me, but I really want to try your suggestion of the seaweed, as I’ve heard great things about that. I wonder if the essence of seaweed comes in liquid form?

      Yes, to using lots and lots of soil.. I want to build a wooden potato bin for next year… I need to get building this Fall… 🙂

      Happy gardening to ya, from Laura 🙂

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