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Let me tell you two most ugliesttruths of life:

  1. Each and everyone of us will have a person in life who, at one point of time, will become the reason or I should say source, of our happiness. For whom you will reserve the maximum place in your heart. However, due to unforseen unfortunate events the same person will became toxic in your life and getting over him/her will became one of the biggesthurdles in your life. The relationship with the person may vary he/she may be your first true love, your best friend or even your family member.
  2. Youwillnevertrulygetovertheperson.

However, everycloudhasasilverlining. The experience of facing the ordeal will make you a more sensible, mature and stronger person.

Now let me tell you all why I am the biggest fool on…

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2 thoughts on “Do You Think You Are The Biggest Fool on This Planet? Read this and you will realise you come second

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