I rose from the edge of the pier, after sitting there for at least 3o minutes remembering moments that I’ll always treasure. But, it was time to move forward or perhaps look just across the pier again…

August 16th 2016 - 012

Too bad it was so early in the morning and the dock shoppe would be closed. I found myself after cruising my memories so to speak in need of a scoop of ice cream in a cone. But, it was definitely much too early for that, since I’d only had a few sips of my coffee this early morning at home.

August 16th 2016 - 014

I continued walking the pier looking at all of the summertime water crafts tied at the floating docks which the marina removes for the wintertime just before the lake freezes over and the winter vehicles zoom across the frozen lake. Upon looking at the brightly colored awnings of the boats in front of me I noticed a seagull resting atop one of them.

August 16th 2016 - 032

After zooming in with my camera I could see clearer that most of the boats were all dressed in brand new awning covers. There was very little breeze out on the pier this morning so I was missing out on the delightful sounds the water makes when the wind transforms water into clapping waves hitting the floating docks, bobbing them up and down a little bit.

August 16th 2016 - 026

Continuing on I looked up and could see yet another seagull resting atop this light along the pier. So, I gave this feathered friend a wide birth and walked around the light just in case nature called upon this bird and I happened to be right smack dab underneath him or her at the perfect time. I had to giggle while crossing back over to the other side of the pier, because this king or queen seagull sitting above me ruled my actions this morning. Hail, to the ruler of this section of the pier, since I forgot my hat at home.

August 16th 2016 - 023

I just had to smile broadly, once again after looking at the edge of the pier. This really needed me to take a picture. Here’s a weed growing out of the cement which is above the water. For years I’ve battled with trying to get my front yard to grow grass. The city usually needs to come and dig up part of the yard every other year to install new this and that, or repair an old this or that. They are kind enough to replace the dug up area with new sod, but since I’ve no hose hook up on the outside of my building I can’t really water the front lawn regularly.

This is the stupid thing about being in a townhouse…I’m in the middle, a home to the left of me attached and to the right of me. There was a little room I think where the builder could have put a water hose outlet. But, noooooo…..The only water outlet for the front yard is inside of my garage, which I’d have to pull out my car, crawl underneath attached wooden shelves and while bent over in half try to attach the hose. Well, ten years ago I did this without much difficultly, but not now with my knees. I tend to not do things that will set any pain in motion as far as they go… I just thought this little weed was funny and had to share with you…

Continuing on…

August 16th 2016 - 020

This little vehicle with two beautiful young ladies inside was paused on the pier while I was taking a silly picture of the weed growing out of the cement. It’s electric so I never heard it was there waiting on me to focus the camera. Boy, I wonder what they thought of me, while waiting…?

I can just hear it now, “Why is that old woman taking a picture of a weed?”

One of them might question to the other, “Perhaps, it’s the water she’s taking a picture of…” The other young lady might have replied…

“Either way that’s weird…” One might say just as I finished taking the picture and walked over to these young ladies to applaud the fine work they also do at the lake area.

They had been collecting trash from the bins all up and down this area. I often see school age children working and riding on these neat little vehicles and always wanted to drive one of them around, but since these sort of summer jobs are directed for the youth as summer jobs my window of opportunity had long since abandoned me.

They were so polite, smiling over at me when I walked over to them thanking them for the short wait I put them through, and I said….

” It must be so much fun driving one of these…”

The ladies grinned from ear to ear and both in harmony said, “It sure is!” Smiling from ear to ear, both of them….

August 16th 2016 - 030

I stopped at a marina building that probably houses supplies of some sort or the other, and thought it might be an interesting picture with the wood just below the foundation of the building. When I noticed something in the water. Looking like a pallet or part of the wooden structure of the building. I zoomed in a little way down the pier, since this one was closer to the edge of the walkway.

August 16th 2016 - 031

With the sun trying to peek between the clouds I noticed it was not a pallet after all, but someone instead of moving this wood just place big heavy rocks on top of it. You can see how shallow the water is here and I’m really close now to where the cruise ship is docked.. There’s a drop off to happen soon, or else the cruise ship would be a ground.

But, before I continued walking I thought about the 5 or 6 people I passed while walking on the pier, wondering if any one of them noticed the weed growing out of the cement, the ducks, the wooden structure, or the father who had his daughter in the car parked on the pier, while he threw out a fishing line. This set up sounds nice right? But, it was far from it…

This father was berating the child for wanting to come to the pier to go fishing with her daddy, while the real reasons for wanting to come out here was to play in the brightly colored playground. This man was going on and on, repeating him self over and over when I just had to walk over there and cause a tiny ripple effect on both of their day… Hopefully….

“Hey, catch anything good?”

I asked the father who abruptly stopped yelling at his beautiful daughter, who peeked her head out of the window to see who was talking to her daddy…

“No, not yet…” He replied…

And, then the magical moment happened, thank heavens…

This fathers facial expression changed and the coloring on his skin began to go back to its normal coloring, instead of beat red ….He talked about his daughter asking to come out to go fishing, because she knew he’d take her straight away. But, her motives were to merely run to the playground instead….

I was looking and smiling at this lovely child in the car, and back again at the dad before commenting when he was done.

“You’re a very lucky man, to have such a beautiful daughter who wants to spend time with her daddy at the playground….Time will arrive much to quickly when she will only want to spend time with her school friends, and never dream of fishing or spending time with you near a playground. Well, sir I wish you luck with your fishing and hope you catch a tasty dinner for your sweet family, soon.” And, I kept walking…

I could hear the daughter speaking to her daddy through the car window, wanting to know why I’d stopped to talk.. and the father replied, “I’ll explain all of that when we get over to the swings…”

This was my purpose for wanting to stroll on the pier today, that I’m certain of. When ever I get a notion to do something that is not normal for me, like trying to beat the all day rains that were coming, and ignoring the approaching rain – knee pain just to walk here taking pictures where the lighting is not favorable to do so.. I know without a shadow of a doubt ~ There was a reason and this was it.

To be continued, join me tomorrow for Part Four


Until next time…







6 thoughts on “A little stroll by the Lake ~ Part Three

  1. It sounds as if you had some interesting interactions at the pier that day, Laura. I can understand your fascination with the plant managing to grow on the cement outcrop. Nature finds roots everywhere, regardless of humans.
    I wondered why they spell the ‘Shoppe’ with a double P and E. Are they trying to hark back to ‘Merrie Olde England’ in modern-day Canada? Thanks for showing us around your lake and pier. It’s a shame the weather was so dull.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete, I wondered about the signage as well and you’re probably correct in saying that. All of our colored money still has the Queen and she visits this country often or use too. We have quite a bit of Merrie Olde Englandish things here .. I love it actually…

      I’m happy you’ve enjoyed my little stroll by the lake part three, Part four is the final one tomorrow…

      Take care, Laura


  2. Very well written. I felt as though I was there with you, so vividly did you describe your surroundings. I love the detail and your thought processes. I’ll be reading more of your posts, so keep them coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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