August 12th 2016 - Zinnia Semi Dwarf Pumila Mixed Colors on background - 004

My sweet daughter surprised me last winter with a little packet of flower seeds. They were given to her as an appreciation gift with a cute little red potting container. I thought these would look lovely in my homemade garden trug box on either side of my green onions, parsley and ginger. This above picture is the first bloom. I just was blown over by the color of the petals.. Not altered in photo shop.. I just put the picture on a simple background…

The seeds are called: Zinnia Semi Dwarf Pumila Mixed colors. So, I’m excited to see what the next bloom will look like. It rained for the past day and a half and this little beauty opened up during the rain just as it began. I’d say this plant was delighted as much as I was to finally see the skies providing life sustaining water.

Have a happy day today my friends…

green frog in the rain - resized 50

line break image - 023


Until next time


6 thoughts on “A little packet of seeds from my daughter

    1. Pete, thank you for your comments, and I too am happy with the larger size font. Makes it so much easier to see and hopefully enjoy reading..

      Have a wonderful afternoon and evening…

      Take care, Laura


    1. Laura, thanking you kindly…I think so too and have never grown the zinnia’s before as they are annuals. I usually gravitate toward the perennials. But, I’ll buy these in the future as they are just amazing. I also plan on saving the seeds from this years flowers too… freebies are grand indeed..

      Take care, from one Laura to another… 🙂


  1. Certain flowers don’t grow here on Guam, but Zinnias are my guaranteed to grow flowers, which I love. Very pretty! A packet of seeds to grow is a wonderful gift to receive. How I miss planting flowers n veggies.

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