A tree in the forest - Use for Haiku - 006


Hope gives height.

The bark adheres natures path.

Twigs beneath my feet crackle.

 by: Laura Scott

line break image - 023

Praise the skies last night as a loud crackling thunderstorm rolled by like a Texas Marching Band in finales. In Texas you go BIG or go home….Love it …..

Not sure just how much rain fell as it was still dark outside at five this morning. Soon the sun will rise on this day and my garden beds will be well watered from the sky and very happy I’m sure…


Until next time



8 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. We exchanged rain and cold for sun and heat today, Laura. Don’t know whether we are coming or going with this weather! I hope you got enough rain for watering.
    (I noticed the new theme too)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Good Afternoon to ya, Pete. It’s raining at a good steady pace since last night. I just know that all of my rain barrels (3) are going to be full to the brim…I’m smiling from ear to ear and have stood by the patio door grinning at the rain for my gardens..

      Yes, what do you think of my new theme?

      I wanted something different and easier to read and I think this one suits for ease of reading.. What do you think… ?

      Do you find this one better to read without getting too close to the screen..

      I think on my end I need a new pair of glasses.. I’ve moved the monitor screen closer when doing my posts or reading other bloggers.. Yes… that’s a sign…

      Take care, Laura 🙂


      1. The font is a little smaller than the last one, but it is well-defined, and looks elegant. I am on +3 magnification for reading now, and even the varifocals are struggling when looking at print. My monitor is still in the same spot, at least for now..x

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    1. Laura, thank you for commenting on my post and the rain and theme..

      I’ve been grinning from ear to ear watching the showers fall just knowing they are filling up all of my rain barrels..

      I just know if the garden could speak it would be saying thank heavens…

      Yesterday my carrots were laying completely flat on the permaculture bed. I placed some string so they could rest upon it and with this rain they too will be smiling…

      I need new glasses and needed something easier to read as well.. I’m glad you gave your input on the new theme so I can know what others are seeing as well..

      I’m going out in the rain soon just to play in all of the puddles.. you’re never to old for that… 🙂

      Take care, from one Laura to another 🙂


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