Ode to my Sunflower - August 10th 2016 - Laura Scott

Ode to my sunflower

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Little golden jewel.

Your beauty enhanced by sun.

Birds await their treats.

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Haiku by: Laura Scott


Until next time



8 thoughts on “Ode to my sunflower

    1. Pete, thank you for the giggles this morning.. I woke with my hip just killing me getting out of bed… My birthday is coming upon me very quickly this month and this morning I was feeling every one of the almost 58 years.. I lifted something too heavy the other day and now will pay the price for a few more days.. I hate and I don’t use that word very often .. But, I hate that I don’t rally as fast as I use to back in my forties.. I use to work 12-15 hour days and never felt anything.. Those days are gone I’m afraid and I must listen to my body and not over do..

      My sunflowers this year have given me the best birthday gift ever, so I thought they needed to be validated in this way.. even if they’ll never know… 🙂

      Take care, Laura


      1. My pleasure and it’s so much easier… I just need to find an easier way to mow the lawn .. not that it needs it this year.. Only have the mower out twice… The lawns look like dried hay now.. too costly to water them since the water meters went in… 🙂


    1. Laura, I hear ya about the squirrels trying their best.. Last year I had some sunflowers growing in pots on my deck and just after the flower bloomed some critter bit off the entire head of the flower and left it on the railing.. This year they are where they should be in the garden … We’ll see what happens this year as the seeds begin to get bigger..

      Have a most wonderful day out there and thank you for your comments..

      Take care from one Laura to another 🙂


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