August 6th 2016 - 009

If only I had the same strength as this web….

This morning I was sitting out on my deck waiting for the sun to rise on this beautiful day. When I looked over to where my b.b.q sits and I noticed something magical in the sunlight that was just right for my eyes to focus on this spider web..

It always amazes me when I step outside each morning to be greeted with yet another spider web and wonder where is that spider who constructed this amazing feat just overnight…

Don’t you sleep you little spider? I wonder…

Usually there are webs going across the steps leading down into my garden and I take an old broom to cut through them so I don’t wind up with a face full of webs and probably spill my hot coffee all over me… I don’t mind these critters doing this, but rather not have them directly in my face….


As I sat on the bench I wondered why they don’t just build them elsewhere…instead of in the very same location every day… My pup waits for me and is accustomed to my morning routines of clearing away spider webs with the broom in one hand and the coffee cup in the other… Then I begin to water the plants that are in containers and check on my newly planted second sowing of radishes…She patiently waits as I take one step at a time, waving this old tattered broom in the air ~ breaking the web lines along my path.. she also takes one step at a time following along with me.

August 6th 2016 - 005

She knows me so well, and this minor detail always amazes me. I’ve always been a dog owner for as long as I can remember… Probably since I was four years old and I’ve never been very long without a four legged companion. I tend to adopt rescue dogs that have been abused or in need of health interventions… The pup before the one I own right now needed over 5 thousand dollars worth of vet interventions before all was said and done..

At the time I had the money to spend and this pup was a so called free to a good home dog.. She was already grown when I first laid eyes on her. The owner went out in their backyard to retrieve her and brought her to where I was standing just inside of their home..

This animal looked so sad walking through the room, until our eyes met … She hurried over to me and sat to my left,. resting her side against my leg… The owner said it was odd for her to behave in this manner, because she was always kept outside tied up and never really was around other people ~ except for the family members..

I said I’d take her and with my hand lightly on the top of her head I bent down to ask her if she wanted to go with me?  She licked my cheek looking into my eyes as much to say, “Get me the hell outta of here, please.” And, so I did just that.. She had been abused the vet said and was probably chained up with a thick chain that she tried to bite through to get away.. She needed dental and 4 operations and many other visits to the vet over the next two years..


Why would I want to go through this and spend that amount of money when it comes to me in small amounts and is very dear to my survival and at the time my young children… Well…it’s simple ~ The dog had a heart of gold and I just had to give her the next seven years a life of love, companionship, courage, and above all time spent with a family who respects their animals…

She helped me in more ways than one after my husband passed away from a sudden heart attack at the young age of 46… Perhaps, my heart was so broken over this loss that I’d do anything to bring happiness to people around me and to a pet.. Perhaps, this was a moment in time that was meant to be, and this dog showed me how to survive and become a stronger person in the long run.. If, she could rally with all of the vet interventions and still remain a dog with a heart of gold.. I could be strong enough to give this beautiful animal the life she was suppose to have from the very beginning…

Whitney resized 70

In loving memory of a pup with a golden heart

golden heart

line break image - 025


Until next time

Love your family & pets


4 thoughts on “How do you measure “Strength”

  1. A lovely tribute to your previous dog, Laura. There is little to compare to the loyalty and devotion we get from dogs. They are worth every penny we spend to keep them happy and well.
    I hope that strong web manages to catch some flies and bugs you don’t need to have around.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete, thank you so much for your comments, as some folks might think it crazy to devote such attention to their animals when it deals with a great deal of money.. As my grandfather always said to me, “You can’t take it with you…” It’s a fairly often used statement but it holds water…Happiness arrives at ones doorstep in many ways..

      Take care, Laura


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