August 6th 2016 - 001

There are 8 flowers heads on these two Sunflower plants.

Three have opened, I wonder if all 8 open what will they look like?

I can’t wait…

bees winnie the pooh - Copy

August 6th 2016 - 002 - Eastern Carpenter Bee

Eastern Carpenter Bee

or at least I think ….after looking on the inter-webs…

If, anyone knows for sure please leave in the comments..

Thanking you kindly……


Until next time



16 thoughts on “My Beauty Has Siblings…

      1. vinnieh, I’ll do just that after I come back from the hospital.. My daughter works at a child care place and here tonsils are all nasty from catching something there.. Wish us luck as it will take many hours to get in there..

        Take care, Laura

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    1. Pete, indeed yes these sunflowers offer up a joyful reaction each morning for me here in the North.. Since, it’s August when most times the bounty for a great harvest is nearing, it also signals that Fall is just around the corner and we all know what happens next.. it’s such a difficult time to relinquish the gardens for preparation of Fall, putting the beds down for their winters nap, however long it is… I suppose this gives a gardener time to reflect on the gardens of the past ~ only to begin planning on what to plant next year in the Spring.. oh my …. what a time it is to be alive and able to still garden with gusto, and happiness..

      Thank you for your comments, and have yourself a wonderful Sunday across the pond…

      Laura 🙂


    1. Ros, there have been so many different varieties of bees around this year. I’m loving it when I can spot a bee I’ve not seen before in this area.. I think they are loving their visit to my permaculture garden beds.. Thank you so much for commenting.. hugs to ya gal…

      Take care, Laura 🙂

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