4 thoughts on “It’s Just Too Hot!

  1. Nicely done with the dog picture, Laura. Sorry to hear that it’s too hot. 73 and sunny here this morning, but rain later. I have just been out with the hedge trimmers attacking the front hedges. That did warm me up a bit!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete,it’s good to hear you have the perfect temperatures over there… it’s going to be over 34c today and that I’m not looking forward too.. I’ve already had to put my experimental tomatoes in containers into a shaded area of the deck, can’t have sun burn on the leaves.. Did you know that happens? Who knew they also can burn from the glorious rays of the sun like we do.. I should patent sunscreen for tomato plants.. LOL… 🙂

      Thank you for your comments on my doggie picture, it was just a quick little doodling for my post.. My hostas are about ready to bloom so I’m waiting on those to snap pictures of and also the iris haven’t bloomed yet, probably too hot…

      Take care, Laura


    1. Oh my goodness Ros, 66 is my favorite temperature, wearing a nice light jacket sitting out in the garden. I don’t like being inside so much during this heat wave, but I just can’t take that type of heat for very long.. I’m always outside from 6 a.m until around 8.. trying to give my plants a little drink and pick up the gifts my pup always leaves for me in the grass… she’s such a little darling… Love her to bits…

      Take care my dear and have a glorious day and evening .. Laura 🙂

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