July 20th 2016 - 007

~July 20th 2016~

What a pure delight this past Spring to find a sunflower popping out of the permaculture bed. I planted a number of seeds last year in this spot, but they didn’t stay there long… I moved them into the yard where the stem never really grew strong. It did however offer up a beautiful sunflower. I had two of them in containers last year as well, gently tied to the railing of my deck, so the wind would not chop it in two..

But, a hungry critter decided to bite off the flower head just after it bloomed, since the plant had reached the top of the railing. When I went out in the morning I found the head of the sunflower placed on the railing. I actually had to laugh, because I suppose this delicacy was not to the liking of said critter…Well at least they could have eaten and not wasted food in such a way…

July 27th 2016 - 002

~July 27th 2016~

This year the sunflower plant grew strong in the permaculture bed, so I left it alone and let nature decide what was going to be in my future. I suppose there were still some seeds in this spot that over wintered from last year. I love finding surprises where you think there are none. Never say never is my motto….

July 31st 2016 - 001

~July 31st 2016~

This little beauty actually opened up yesterday evening after the flower head followed the direction of the sun all day.. Have you ever watched a sunflower following the sunlight. It’s sort of cool to see and I love how natures simple things still amaze me. Even though I’m almost sixty, I still view life almost as a child wanting to soak up information like a new sponge. The really grand thing about that is I have a little bit of wisdom to go along with this child like view at times, and that my dearest friends is a very grand thing indeed…

bees winnie the pooh - Copy


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4 thoughts on “The return of a sunflower

    1. Pete, I know eh… I love the bright yellow leaves of this flower, and of course the delightful seeds it offers up for a following year…. Just pure and simple makes me smile… Take care and have a wonderful day across the pond…

      Laura šŸ™‚


  1. I’ve never had any luck with sunflowers here in Somerset. Those bothersome gastropods always get them. Yours looks beautiful, though, so I shall enjoy from afar šŸ™‚

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    1. Ros, I’m so sorry to hear about the sunflowers at your end of the world.. I’m amazed this year with my sunflower, I suppose very little rain has kept the slugs out of my garden this year, but something is eating away at my bean leaves.. Thankfully they are leaving the beans alone and I’ve begun to harvest those and the peas.. I’m so excited to in a week or two begin harvesting my beets.. I just love beets… Take care, Laura

      Liked by 1 person

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