The challenges of trying to master Gluten-free bread…..

My son has had a skin condition for many years. We’ve been to doctors and they have given this and that to try without any change to the skin that’s been covered with eczema…

This is a medical condition in which patches of the skin become rough and inflamed with blisters that cause itching and bleeding, sometimes resulting from a reaction to irritation ~ eczematous dermatitis, but more typically having no obvious external cause.

That’s where we’ve run into a wall many times trying to work out this condition for him and also for me at times ~ mine has never been as bad though…

Even showers can be like pouring gasoline on his body when the skin is bad. I’ve bought special attachments with a filter for the shower head and that seems to help somewhat..This also helps me when I get the hives. The additives the town puts into our water to keep us safe can burn like we are on fire at times…

We’ve cut out certain foods one at a time, but this is a very long process and takes a long time to find any results. At times you feel like giving up and just live with the pain that is skin, and nerves… But, I never say never and keep reminding him that I’m never going to stop looking for something that will cause relief and possibly clear up his condition…

It became worse when WHEAT products hit the store shelves, flooding into just about every product when the wheat craze began.. We found out very quickly our bodies could not tolerate whole wheat.. enriched wheat (we thought) was a solution since this wheat is mainly stripped of its whole wheat.. anything labeled whole wheat we stayed away from all together.

Until, this Spring….Hives attacked me and his eczema changed from bad to life altering. The sudden attacks of pain shot through the skin causing months of sleepless nights due to nothing could touch the skin not even a pillow or sheets…I had to do something fast because this condition was changing my son, harming him and that I would not stand for not even from Wheat!

We have taken wheat completely out of our diets, and here’s where I need help out there from all of you wonderful cooks .. I’ve just begun trying to make gluten free bread and need any tricks of the trade secrets for this way of cooking bread to turn out…

I’ve been baking bread the traditional way since the seventies, without any problems…But, this gluten free baking is mind boggling to me. The first attempt I follow the directions to the letter and the runny batter looking mess overflowed all over the baking sheet underneath the bread pan. The directions called for a special size pan and many different types of flours.. etc..

Making Gluten-Free Bread - Part One - 001

The second time was a little bit better, even though it ran over the pan again, just not as much..


The third time I threw caution to the wind and added more of the flour until the mixture resembles drywall spackling  compound ~ as one of the you tubers suggested …That actually worked out better my son said after eating a slice, but it’s just not there yet I said..

Gluten free bread - July 30th 2016 - 001

It’s only been a week since I’ve removed all wheat out of our diets, and I can report that his skin ~The dreaded eczema has stopped burning, he’s slept for the past three nights and his hands are beginning to heal. I have him also drinking the Turmeric, Ginger Tea… ~ acts as an anti-inflammatory.

We’ve also cut out processed foods, sugar free drinks…We’re going old school here ~

So, please if you have any helpful hints or tricks to making the Gluten -Free Bread let me hear from you .. Thanking you kindly …


Until next time

~ Laura  & her Son ~


8 thoughts on “I need help in the worst way ~ Calling all Gluten-Free Bread Makers

  1. Sorry I can be of no personal help with recipes or tips with this one, Laura. I hope that someone can come to your aid, and help sort out those skin problems.
    I found this, from a famous young British chef.
    This looks helpful too.
    And a varied selection here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, bless you for the links this morning.. For years between the doctors and myself I’ve tried to find a solution.. Since, I’m a family oriented private person (except for stories about my grandparents) I finally accepted that I need help from others out there who may have similar issues and can offer help.. This post was a huge step for me, asking for help… I’m popping over to the wonderful links you provided me and take a look.. I’ll keep you posted .. Take care, Laura


  2. Hi Bluebird, I have been baking gluten free for a while and find a constant heat source when rising helps a lot, we use a wine making heat pad for ours and also some times those who are sensitives and not Celiac can do fine on Einkorn flour as it is an unmodified ancient grain, makes brilliant pizza bases.

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    1. Cornwall Nan, thank you ever so much for your comments on Gluten-Free Bread making.. I’ll give your wonderful advice a try and look for the Einkorn flour too…We do love our pizzas here so that would be wonderful to get the base correct…

      Have a wonderful day and evening…
      Take care, Laura


  3. I can’t help either. My diet is pretty much wheat free because I have found that helps with the IBS, but I’ve never tried making bread. Like you, I’ve never been able to tolerate wholewhat and it has taken a lot more years to discover that white bread can cause problems, too. But I’m not coeliac – it’s been tested – so I haven’t needed to eliminate gluten completely. Rather than making bread, I tend to eat potatoes, rice and gluten-free pasta mostly – and the odd gluten-free bread roll that I buy in a shop. I tried making scones with gluten free flour, but wasn’t that impressed. I do make pancakes (usually with a banana in) and also fruit crumbles with GF flour and lots of oats.

    Are you or your son gluten sensitive? Has it ever been tested? I just wondered because I understand that blistering skin can be a symptom of coeliac disease, in which case einkorn flour, being wheat, may still cause problems.

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    1. Hi there Ros, thank you for your comments on Gluten free eating.. My son is the one I’m trying to solve this puzzle for.. It’s only been two weeks since I’ve removed gluten from his diet and his skin is no longer burning and the blisters are beginning to heal.. I’ve also used a mixture of turmeric, ginger and cinnamon steeped in boiling water.. I’ve made lemon aid with real lemons to cut the taste of the spices.. This seems to be helping him and the turmeric tea works when I experience gout symptoms. I even think the gluten free diet is helping me with my 6 ulcers too. Thank you for all of your input for my self and my son… a fruit crumble sounds wonderful.. I did make some banana muffins and they turned out great and lasted about a week.. Hugs to you my dear..


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