July 16th 2016 - 011

Wild violets growing around the cedar trees tower over the sprigs of clover just below them. I use to pull up the violets and the clover years ago, until the past few years I’ve let them grow to add to my garden. With all of the dryness around the lawn I figured these wild plants can offer their own special goodness to the soil. The insects flying around are loving the blooms these tiny plants have to offer.

I’m often treated with a lovely surprise when they bloom and this causes me to smile. I can almost feel any stress that I might have had or sadness slipping away, while gazing down at these lovely violets with their leaves adorned in a heart shape just asking to be loved too….

We can’t fight against nature as she will always win when the day is done, and the sky turns dark drawing its curtain on this day. Sweet slumber little violets and clover and know I’ll never pick you out of the ground again.

July 16th 2016 - 001

After a full day of hard rain

When I walked down my deck stairs this morning with my cup of coffee and my pup by my side, I worried about my beautiful poppies and how they fared with all of that rain. This little beauty appeared to be leaning over the barrel waiting for my arrival.. I smiled and wondered if this tiny crate paper little flower could talk just what would it tell me.

July 16th 2016 - 003

Perhaps, the little flower would tell me of the storm which had passed with torrential rain and very high winds. Would they tell me of a day spent bobbing back and fourth trying so desperately to hang on to their petals, so the next day I could sit in my special place to adore their beauty. This little orange poppy look as if it were shy, or was this flower which is now upright again just doing its best to protect the petals by leaning over so as not to become damaged by the rain….

July 16th 2016 - 006Marigolds from last years saved seeds… I have enough seeds to cover the planet with marigolds….

I had to dig out my jacket for my morning routine in the garden. The gentle breeze drew my attention  away from the poppies toward the peas growing above these newly opened marigold flowers.. These flowers in a few days will become bigger and bigger offering up even more hues of reds and orange. I’m so happy I save so many seeds from this plant last Fall, as this is now my favorite marigold of all time… above the little flower are the peas and they are getting big too…

line break image - 036

I love gathering the peas off the vines, but not before looking over the plant first. Mother nature is a wonderful teacher, isn’t she… the tendrils curl and search for something to latch onto to protect the pea steams from drooping over in a big heap…Once they are anchored this plant can hang on while the winds whip around… So, far there’s only about a dozen or so pea pods on the plant, but lots more flowers to be found…

line break image - 023

July 16th 2016 - 005

There seems to be a few lessons in the garden to be found, if you look closely enough to what’s right there… Survival we know can be difficult, especially when so much turmoil is happening around the world…Sometimes I try not to catch the news on a regular basis, because it saddens me so much to see all of the hardships happening in our world.. Sometimes, I just need to survive and find peace inside and being in my garden gives me this peace, if only for a short time..

I planted another patch for some asparagus to begin to grow, and today I noticed it has sprouted up nicely. I surrounded the seeds when I planted them down in the yard with a dome of chicken wire. I didn’t want my pup while running after the critters who visit the yard to run right across it or the critters and birds perhaps digging up the seeds…

While I was sitting on the Birch Stump taking note of the permaculture beds I noticed my pup resting right next to the asparagus under the dome….(I wish that show was not cancelled ~ Under the Dome) So, of course we needed to take a picture…

July 16th 2016 - 012

line break image - 023


Until next time

My pup and I wish you a special day and evening where ever you are…

~ Laura ~


2 thoughts on “Searching for that 4 Leaf Clover

  1. We have violets here in our garden too, Laura. They are for my Mum, as Violet was her name.
    The weather has gone crazy. In two days, we have gone from 17 degrees, to 30. Even the night-time temperature has not dropped below 16, and it feels too warm to sleep. A typical British summer, completely unpredictable!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete, oh my sounds like you’ve been experiencing the same type of heat we had for two weeks.. then our rain and cooler temps for two days under 20… the evenings went from 18 to 11.. my poor tomato plants will be the only ones in the garden to suffer these drastic changes in temp. But, I’m happy for 20-27 temps as those work well for me.. LOL Mother Nature has her own plan

      Take care, stay cool … Laura


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